Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crazy things!

So in an attempt to cover our asses, just in case this whole mediation thing blows up in or faces we have been checking out rentals in case we have to move.  Let me tell you the whole situation and searching for a house to rent SUCKS BALLS.  I have been keeping an eye on the paper, and searching Craig's list, along with driving around just spotting signs and checking the realtor's websites as well.  I forgot how much I really hate doing this.  But it's a must, just in case.  So finding a 4 bedroom house to rent is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Everything is a 3 bedroom that's even worth a look in a halfway decent neighborhood.  Which is fine with me.  The step bastard can go live at his moms for all I give a shit.  Please, go, this just might be my ticket for booting his ungrateful, drama causing ass out my front door.  One can only hope!  So we spotted a house last week and the hubby called just to get some info.  Keep in mind this is the first one we have called on.  It was a 4 bedroom and on the west side, which is a nice, older neighborhood close to the Jr. High.  The people said that they just bought a foreclosure and were in the process of waiting on the bank.  Well that's good considering that we have a month before this thing.  So they call the hubby on Monday to let him know that they are showing the house from 4-6.  He calls and says do you want to go look?  OK what the hell.  We pull up, go in and hhhhmmmm.  It's interesting to say the very least.  First of all I realize that you all are moving, but if your going to show the house in hopes of renting it for the outrageous price your asking for, you might want to clean it first.  OK house from 1960.  I am familiar with this since my house is from 1964.  However all the wood paneled walls in my house were replaced by sheet rock and texture.  Along with the ceiling.  I must say the wood paneling wasn't so bad in that house.  I did like the fact that it had one of those fireplaces that went all the way through so one half was in the living room and the other in the kitchen area.  The bedrooms were tiny,  well the master and the other two anyways.  I still haven't got to the fourth bedroom yet.  So we take a tour through the kitchen to the laundry room where low and behold it was the size of my current pantry and could only house a stackable washer and dryer.  That is not going to work for me.  I like my high efficiency washer I got a few years ago, it's quiet.  And not to mention I spent a butt load of money on it.  So back to the tour, next on to the other living room.  OK I am guessing this had to be an addition at one point cause it just seemed a little off, but flowed with the house.  The guy says here is the fourth bedroom, but before we go in there lets check out the back yard.  Alrighty then.  Through the slider into another long narrow addition with a built in bar at the end.  This is a little weird, it's like the added 10 more feet to the room but forgot to knock out the wall in between.  And there was a bed in there???  Back yard was OK.  The he takes us around the house to another room off the garage.  OK random room, check.  No reason for it to be there, but OK.  So finally on to the fourth or what I call the 6th bedroom.  He says his wife and him have been using it as their room.  We go in and it's no bigger then the other rooms, but it has one major point of interest.  A FUCKING SPA!  Yes someone, the previous owner I'm guessing made a spa room, which the current owners decided to throw a mattress on top of it and make it a bed.  Wow, now I have really seen it all.  We left and I was like WTF?  The hubby says I kind of liked the house, of course you do......figures.  I say aside from the weird and random additions and rooms and the spa room, the house was OK, but I am NOT dealing with a stackable washer and dryer.  That killed it right there for me.  Also we have one couch and a dinning room table.  Clearly not enough furniture to even come close to filling that house, aaaannnnddd I don't think our bed will fit on top of that spa!


  1. I truly believe there is NOTHING more stressful in life than the entire process of moving. Every aspect, from finding (searching for) a new place.... to moving in... and all the annoying packing in between.
    More power to ya, I wish you all the luck in the world. ♥

  2. Thank you! Yeah it's going to be a crappy next couple of months!