Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Calgon....Take me Away!

What a frustrating fucking day it was yesterday.  The minute I get to work all hell breaks loose.  It started with the receptionist letting me know she was going to be late.  Which is fine and that means I cover for her until she gets in.  I didn't go into my office at all and didn't happen to see that one of the conference rooms needed to be set up that morning.  The secretary comes down and asks me about it and I said shit, I cant, I'm stuck up here for the moment.  So no problem she starts doing it, the receptionist comes in and I go to take over.  Make my way up to the room and find the door closed.  I open it and I swear to christ it looked like a bomb went off in there and it was 30 degrees in there too, I thought a window was left open.  I was like what the fuck?  I called the gal who cleans the office over the weekend and she says it wasn't me.  The cleaning company was in over the weekend.  She did say check with one of the attorney's, who will remain nameless because he brings his kids in a lot and they trash the rooms.  OK I run the the one who's having the meeting and change the rooms for him, move the crap, and make my way down to the suspects office.  Turns out it was his daughter.  She had a bunch of clear confetti and went to town.  It took me a half hour to vacuum all that shit up.  Not to mention it was in the chairs on the table, pretty much every corner of that room.  I would love to get a glimpse of these people I work withs homes, because by the way they are around here, I hope they pay someone to clean for them.  PIGS!

Next my afternoon was pretty light until my grandma calls to bitch and complain about my daughter leaving her earrings at her dads house.  REALLY, you fucking calling during work to tell me this shit?  Then wants to have a whole conversation about how she thinks there is something going on with the girl because of the way shes been acting lately.  Usually I just tell her what she wants to hear to make her happy and be done with it, but yesterday was not that day.  I said the girl is an absolute drama queen bitch.  There is nothing wrong with her, she's 10 and it's only going to get worse from here on out.  After 15 minutes or so of arguing over this, I said gotta go and hung up.  I realize she is also dealing with other issues right now like my grandpa being in the hospital, but seriously, stop worrying so much about her and worry about him.  So then she calls back.  Well the girl called her and said she didn't have lunch, could she bring her a sandwich?  I was like what?  She had money on Thursday to pay for lunch if she didn't turn it in that's her problem.  Just leave her maybe she will learn a lesson.  The call number 3.  She said she feels sick because she sat next to a boy with the stomach flu.  OH MY FUCKING GOD!  This girl is trying my patience.  I said leave her I will deal with it when I pick her up.  This leads to a fight, which I tell her there is nothing wrong with her, she is just calling you because you are the sympathetic ear who will go out of your way and baby her.  That leads to her hanging up on me and I was like whatever.  So I go get the girl, which latchkey calls 5 minutes before I leave the office to tell me she isn't feeling good.  Get her in the car and ask what the hell is it she thinks shes doing?  Why did you call grandma?  Did you turn in you lunch money?  Yeah she says I called her to bring me a snack.  I was like oh no that's not what she told me.  Oh and another thing is there something wrong with you?  Anything you need to discuss?  Because by what your telling grandma she thinks there is something wrong.  No, nothing she says.  I say fine call her and tell her you lied.  She of course tried to talk her way out of it, but in the end her lies caught up with her.  I told my grandma she is just going through a phase and to stop worrying so much because she plays off that.  In the end I got an apology, the girl wasn't really sick, and she was sweet as pie for the rest of the night.   Only to turn back into mega bitch this morning.

I found a nice rental today.  One I have been eyeing for about 2 weeks.  It was in the paper and even though we are not ready to move yet and still don't know what the final verdict is going to be come the end of next month.  I might be jumping the gun a little but it's in the neighborhood I want, and the price is fantastic and they take dogs.  So I text dumbass saying it's in the paper.  So he says call and you know what questions to ask.  Fine so I call ask the pet question, the deposit question, the credit check question.  And she says I will be there on Saturday if you would like to come look at it.  OK whats the harm.  I know what it looks like though because that's the neighborhood I grew up in.  So I make an appointment.  Then the dumbass yells at me for jumping the gun.  Were not ready to move yet, we still have at least a couple of months.  You just fucking told me to call ASSHOLE.  I cant fucking win.  I finally find something that I like, finally accepting the reality of the bank telling me to fuck off, and getting with the program to find something in my price range that will let us have extra money every month to go out like normal people and do things and I get my ass jumped.  It's like I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't.  You know what, here's whats going to happen.  I am moving in with my mother until he finds us somewhere to live and if I don't like it, he can live there by himself, ALONE!  I have had it.


  1. There are days you don't seem to get a chance to win. Hopefully they fall few and far between. Her's hoping tomorrow is a much better day for you.

  2. Forget Calgon, take a xanax and have a glass of wine, lock your bedroom door and don't come out til tomorrow. Works for me. Oh and put headphones on so you can ignore the knocking and by all means don't read the notes being pushed in under the door. You'll cave.
    Good Luck

  3. hahaha, I might have to do that tonight. Sounds like heaven!

  4. I'm so sorry. I think your husband and mine are related somehow. I just love how when THEY get upset or frusterated, they feel perfectly within their right to yell, scream, or cuss at us, but if we're upset or having a bad day...GOD FORBID we even comment on it. Nope, we just gotta suck it up, because things will always be worse for them, ALWAYS! I have fibromyalgia, and am in pretty horrible pain most of the time. But if my husband sleeps on his back funny, then I have to get out of bed RIGHT THEN and crawl on the floor to help him get dressed, even though that's SO much more painful to me. Men! Can't kill 'em, can't pay for stuff without 'em!