Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Addict!

Well this has been an interesting week and weekend.  On Tuesday the boss brought up having the minion meeting on Thursday.  I said fine with me.  She took Wednesday off because it was her birthday.  On Thursday she called in, on Friday, she called in.  Man I don't know if the boss lady was so pissed at the fact that she called in or what but it's like the clam before the storm.  She hasn't said a damn word, but she wasn't in a good mood either.  Friday she was fine, but well see what happens tomorrow when we go back to work.  One of two things are going to happen.  She's either finally fed up and going to fire her, or she's not going to do a damn thing about it.  Considering she's leaving on a cruise Friday till the end of the month.

My hubby finally gave in after years of complaining.  He made me set him up a facebook account.  It was kind of funny cause he was sitting there for like 2 hours staring at the computer waiting for someone to comment on his shit.  Then he types with one finger to reply.  His response to setting one up was if you cant beat them, join them.  I feel I have probably created a monster.  Good thing we have more then one computer.

Well I have been enjoying my weekend of doing nothing.  And it's kind of ashame, because the weather has been in the 60's all weekend.  It's like spring out there.  Then again I'm not getting to excited considering it is still January and the snow could come at any moment.  Lets hope  spring comes early this year, after last year's incredibly long ass winter.

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