Thursday, June 30, 2011


Sorry, not much has been happening this week, so therefore I have nothing to report. All and all it's been relatively quiet. We are leaving tomorrow for California. I can't wait. Ten whole days off. I'm sure there will be plenty to write about when I get back. But for now, it's just laundry and packing. And I might get my ass motivated to go to zumba tonight since I will be gone on Tuesday. I got a giant iced coffee to perk my ass up to go, but I could get lazy, it won't kill me. I'm just hoping the hubby works at least half day tomorrow so o can get the last of the shit done before we go. I'm sure my mom will win the bet on that hes going to find an excuse not to and knowing him he will. Oh well anyways have a great fourth and I promise when I get back I will post all about the trip. Bye!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've had it!

With dickhead and dumb ass.  Yes we are revisiting the dishes situation from last week.  The stupid fucks once again left 2 sink fulls of dishes for me last night.  I finally yelled at my husband about it because I am in full PMS mode right now.  So I had to do the dishes in order to cook dinner and then do more.  Plus they drank all the milk I bought on Saturday, so guess who had to go to the store to get more.  You think getting out of the house would have calmed me down a bit, but no, it didn't.  While trying to make my way out of the damn store there was this little girl maybe 7 standing in the way of the out door.  So in an attempt not to have the door swing open and hit her in the face I stopped, but to late.  BAM right in the forehead.  Then she stands back starts to push the door closed all while I'm waiting to leave, and the idiot mom is just standing there looking at the board.  Finally she notices the girl and shoos her away.  By this time the fucking door is jammed and wont swing open.  Of course.  So I pushed the cart as hard as I could and rammed through the door which was fighting me all the way.  I managed to shimmy through it finally all while yelling on the phone at my mom what a dumb bitch this lady is and she should keep her fucking kid on a leash.  I hope she heard me because she was getting into her car while I was returning my cart.  THEN, I took the kids towel after they were done on the slip and slide to put them in the laundry basket which was empty this morning and noticed it was full of towels.  I just walked away in order to keep my self from snapping.  Of course I get the "why are you being such a bitch?"  Oh I don't fucking know why do you think?  They sit here all fucking day creating more work for me when they could be doing it.  But NO, I'll fucking do it.  Well he goes to school.  For like 2 fucking hours!  I clean that fucking house diligently every week, well if this shit doesn't stop I am going to stop and they can live in filth for all I care.  Oh and another thing my lotion bottle disappeared as well.  I left a nasty note to return the fucking thing before I go postal.  FUCKERS!

Well the decision has been made.  We are going to see his dad for the 4th.  Next up getting the AC fixed in the burb.  I wonder how much this will cost me?  He did state we can make it without AC, ha yeah.  You cant even sit in this house while it's 75 without turning on the AC.  I dont think so.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers day!

Yes it's that time of year again where I have to pretend I give 2 shits about what a wonderful father the hubby is.  I really don't care.  But in the spirit of the day I will go along with it.......maybe!  So I got the hubster a wine fridge for fathers day.  I should have done like he did and run to the store this morning to pick up his present, but no, I am way more organized than that.  I just do it while I'm working.  So this thing has been in my trunk for the last 3 days.  It's kind of large and I'm wondering how I'm going to lug it into the house.  I didn't wrap it, or get a cheesy card to go along with it either.  Maybe I will take him out to the car, hit the trunk button and yell SURPRISE!  Hey it's just as good as wrapping paper don't you think?  But we'll see.  So my mom offered to take us to dinner for fathers day, I was like yeah, no cooking or dishes, or I could have done like he did on mothers day and order take and bake pizza and then made him go get it.  But NO, he wanted to BBQ.  Which is fine, so mom and I went out and got some ribs.  No we wont be giving the dog any bones this time, that last vet visit costed me a pretty penny.

So Last night we did the taste of downtown.  It was a lot of fun.  We worked a local wine shop who totally hooked us up for handing out their fliers.  FREE WINE!  I was seriously buzzed by the time our shift was over.  The food was good although I couldn't figure out why an Italian restaurant was serving pulled pork sandwiches?  Last time I checked that wasn't Italian food.  It was still good though.  We made it home by 8:30, I know we are partiers.  To tell you the truth I was half drunk, full, and kind of tired, so we left.

We got the kids a slip and slide.  I think I may have mentioned it in my last post.  We set it up for the yesterday, and they went to town.  It looked like so much fun.  Hell if I didn't think I'd break a hip or something I would have had a crack at it.  But I left all the fun to the kids.

Well Happy Fathers Day to all you dad's out there......till next time!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Dumb ass finally went home!  YAY, I think she got the hint on Wednesday.  I tell you it has been a long ass week.  I am ready for the weekend!  This weekend My friend and I are working the Taste of Downtown.  It's like a huge party in the middle of downtown and all these restaurants give you tastes of their food.  Theres bands everywhere and it's a lot of fun.  We volunteer every year to get a free ticket......yes I know it should be for the cause, but fuck it, I'm all about the free!  But it is for the domestic violence advocates so it really is a good cause.  Anyways, we are in the great debate on what to do for the 4th of July.  So far it's camping at the lake, camping in Tahoe with my mom because he's tired of dragging toys everywhere and it's cheaper and more relaxing, or going to his dad's which would mean he has to get one of the 2 cars fixed.  Yes, we have 3 cars and there is a problem with all three.  The suburban, it's comfy, but the air conditioner is broken.  The truck, he needs some part for his wheel and then to put new tires on it.  My car, were not even going there it's such a piece of shit.  So decisions decisions.  Hell I could care less if we stayed home, I'm off the entire week.  I could just take the kids to the beach everyday for all I care.  I thought about taking them to the water park but I looked up the prices and DAMN I could take them to Disneyland for cheaper!  So fuck that idea.  We went to big 5 last night because fatty blew out his tire on his bike.  hehehe, it needed a new tube and my son conned me out of a slip and slid.  Man I remember those when I was a kid, so much fun, but my mom...aka "Hitler" was always yelling about using to much water or it was going to ruin the grass.  Oh and I swear she would never let my dad turn on the air conditioner either.  We spent many a hot summers sweating away.  Cheap is what I think they call it.  I find myself doing the same thing now a days.  But hey I'm willing to pay if it keeps the kids out of my hair.  And this one has 2 lanes so they can use it to race each other, which I'm sure will cause some sort problem and they will be in trouble within 5 minutes of busting it out of the box.  Oh well it's worth a shot. 

Well have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

playing house

After 2 months of of staying at his moms house the step bastard has moved back.....GGRRRR!  And that's not the worst of it, dumb shit hasn't gone home either.  For some reason the hubby thinks it's OK for the girl to be staying the night.  Which whatever I shouldn't be talking, my boyfriend lived with me when I was 17, but still that was under different circumstances it was only for a month till he went into the army and we got married when he got out of basic training.  I told the hubby whats good for the goose isn't good for the gander.  Anyways step bastard is going to summer school half days while dumb shit sits at my house till he gets home.  Basically it's every teenage girls wet dream, to play house with her boyfriend.  Does this girls parents like not want her home?  I would be having a fit.  Maybe it wouldn't bother me so much if lets say she actually cleaned up after herself.  If I stay at someones house, I clean my mess, make sure my dishes are put at least in the dishwasher.  For example, I come home for lunch yesterday, the shit box is parked in the driveway which first pissed me off.  Second, I walk into the kitchen and almost fall on my ass because fuckhead decides to make eggs and spilled grease all over the floor not to mention the loaf of breadcrumbs all over the counter.  UGH, am I being to anal here?  So I get home from getting the kids and the piece of shit truck is STILL parked in the driveway, IN MY SPOT.  Look when you start paying rent you can park wherever the fuck you like, till then park that shit box in the street.  One good thing that was last night about quarter to 10 I heard this tire screech and then a thump and was like oh shit, what was that.  The hubby goes to check it out and someone paint balled the step bastards shit box.....that was KARMA, considering all of our cars were parked in the street and was a way easier target.  HEHE!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Was fantastic!  The weather was great and I got my tan on.  However getting to the point where we were leaving was an issue....of course.  I swear, we are dead at work for the last 2 months and the day I am actually trying to get out of here on time is the day all hell breaks loose.  I had to skip my lunch, go to Reno to like 3 different places, downtown, in the middle of lunch hour.  Let's just say I'm surprised my head didn't explode.  Not to mention the fact that I was fucking starving, because I was trying to get it done and back so menopausal minion could take it to yerinton, which is about a 3 1/2 hour drive round trip.  So I managed to get out of here just a little behind schedule.  I picked up the boy, ran home and threw a few more things together and was like I'm ready.  HAHA, the hubby says were waiting for step bastard and his girlfriend which I am now referring to as dumb shit.  Now I know why they are together, it's because she's really that stupid.  We are going to the lake, to camp, with a boat and jet ski's, but she didn't think she needed to bring a bathing suit.  So step bastard took her to buy one.  About an hour later we finally left!  Everything ran pretty smoothly, out of all the glass and nails I picked up I managed to step on a stick that punctured my foot, now I'm limping like a tard.

I guess the girl is back early, they were at the house when I pulled up for lunch, dammit, I wasn't expecting her back for another 3 days.  Ugh, it's been nice and quite without her.  Oh well.  Back to reality.  Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


If I learned anything about myself during this class, it was white girl cant dance.  Now I know where my daughter gets her non gracefulness!  Although I did have a really good time and it was fun.  We are going to do it again.  Holy shit though, I sweated my ass off.  I told my mom I wanted to go back to the gym cause it was  Thank god I was wearing a thong, because it was catching all the sweat running down my back to my ass crack.  I wish someone could have you tubed that whole session cause I guarantee I would have got a lot of hits dancing like a tard, trying to keep up with the instructor.  I cant cha cha, or seem to get that hip swagger, the entire hour I fucked both of those things up.  It was pretty funny.  Oh and also learned I probably should wait till after the class to have dinner, because I about threw up my mamwhich right after the class.

So I went home, drug my ass into the shower, put on my jammies, and collapsed on the couch for the rest of the night.  I did get up to make a bowl of popcorn which I ate the entire thing.  Hey I just burned off my lunch and dinner I needed a calorie refill.

Well camping tomorrow, I cant wait!  Thats all for now.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am on a roll!

Holy shit I have actually blogged like 4 fucking day's in a row.  Whats up with that?  Tonight starts the zumba class.  This ought to be interesting since my mom and my aunt roped me into this little shindig.  But hey I'm up for anything and seriously I got on the scale this morning and reminded myself to lay off the biscuits and gravy leftovers from Sunday morning cause it wasn't pretty.  Oh well, I will still stuff my ass into the bikini's I just bought.  Oh and speaking of bikini's, we are finally making it out to the lake this weekend.  FINALLY!  I am so fucking happy I could shit purple Twinkies!  I mean when you haven't seen the sun in like literally a month.  And it's shining today, and I'm wearing a skirt.......bonus!

So yesterday I was checking my email when I got a message in my spam from a funeral home?  Weird I thought, but opened it, they were responding to a post I put up on a message board on Ancestry when I was looking for some info on my grandpa's dad.  I started a family tree thing BTW.  So anyhow they apparently had my grandpa's dad's military discharge papers and wanted to return them to the family.  Wow, it's amazing the shit you find on there.  So I sent my address and let the grandparents know.  And they were all excited because we really know nothing about him since he died when my grandpa was 2.

I actually cooked for my dog last night while we ate leftovers.  Yes I am a bad wife!  She had to get her special diet for the next two days so I made her plenty of chicken and rice, and you know what, she loves my cooking!

I am really not feeling work today.  But really when am I ever.  Since bipolar minion quit, it's been fairly busy.  Dealing with menopausal minion has been much better, she comes in, in a better mood most of the time.  Thank god.  3 more days to go till the lake!

OK well I'll give you the skinny on the zumba class tomorrow.  I just hope I don't make an ass out of myself.  I heard it's a pretty intense workout.  And coming from the person who smokes on the way to the gym and then lights up on my way home, hopefully I don't go into cardiac arrest!  And hopefully the old ladies don't make a scene!  hahahaha.

Monday, June 6, 2011


We went on a family bike ride yesterday.  It was nice.  Aside from the weather, which couldn't make up it's mind on whether it wanted to be sunny or rain.  So my mom had taco night at her house last night, and since she lives close we decided to just ride our bikes there too.  It was nice, and the tacos were good.  We decided to leave around 6:15 and halfway home it started to rain.  It was a really chilly ride home!   I think if we would have left about 10 minutes earlier we would have been fine.  And WOW I really need a bigger seat.  My ass is killing me from that tiny thing.

So in the middle of the night the dog started throwing up.  I of course had no idea what as going on until the hubby woke me up freaking out because we gave her a few rib bones on Saturday night and she threw one up last night.  Plus he said she was having a hard time pooping.  So of course he's thinking the worst like the bone is stuck in her intestine.  So he says watch her this morning.  I do, she doesn't eat a whole lot but seemed to be OK.  He was still freaking out at work, yelling at me because I wasn't standing there to watch her shit out her breakfast this morning.  Dude I love the dog but had some things to do like get the kid ready to go this morning.  So I called the vet and asked what I should do.  $300.00 and an X ray later she is fine.  No bones stuck in her poop shoot.  I called the hubby and he's like I feel so much better knowing shes OK.  REALLY?  You act like you could give two shits about the dog.  I'm the one that takes care of her and feeds her and plays with her, but I guess I was mistaken.  Next time he goes to see the doctor I'm going to tell him to ask for some xanex to calm his ass down for a change, or start slipping it into his food or something.  God he's moody.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rainy days!

Well yesterday was a wet one. But we managed to get the boat out of the garage to get it ready for camping (hopefully) next weekend. So far so good on the weather, it's suppose to be in the upper 70's with no rain. So fingers crossed that we will actually go this time. I actually got to put my car back in the garage, of course bow that the snow is gone the car can go into the garage.

Last night the hubby cooked 3 racks of ribs and my friend curly came over. Oh my I don't know if it was too much wine or if the ribs were that good cause we ate most of them. We had some good conversation and of course in my buzzed state I think I invited myself to go with her to her uncles winery in October for a grape stomp. Hey it sounded fun and I like hanging with her. And I can get away for a few days. I slept in this morning and am now sitting around waiting for the hubby to get back from the store so I can make some biscuits and gravy for a late breakfast. It's what he was in the mood for so he can go get the shit.

Apparently my aunt has talked my mom into a zumba class on Tuesday so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Kind of getting bored at the gym so time to shake things up to get back into the swing of things. If the damn weather would get better I would get out my bike.

So happy sucky Monday tomorrow, back to work and a really late last baseball game. Tootles till next time!

Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm off, we were suppose to go camping, but nnnoooo, fucking Nevada weather, I live in the fucking desert, what the fuck? No more snow! If you haven't figured it out I don't live in Vegas. If I did I would be basking in the 90 degree weather right now. Hey I guess I could go sking if I wanted, but no, I don't, I wanna go swimming, getting my tan on. Sitting in my mother fucking chair in the sand with my book and some fruity drink so I can get drunk and roast marshmallows and make some fucking s'mores! Is that to much to fucking ask? Sorry, I'm just pissed. At the weather, at the hubby's bad fucking mood, at the fact that I put on my damn capris today and I'm cold. I mean come on already. Fat bastard got home at 11:30 today and is grumpy as hell. Why? Oh I no, it's because your fucking bastard kids did something that pissed you off and guess who's going to pay for it. Me!

I spent the morning cleaning the house so I dont have to do it this weekend. My friend curly is coming over tomorrow night. She has been having a rough time and venting to me so I said come on over and let's get drunk. We bought some ribs for camping ugh, and I dint think they will last until next weekend so it's going to be a BBQ day tomorrow.

The kids last day of school is today. And the boy has a game tonight at 7:15. I am not looking forward to that and getting home at quarter to 9 tonight, not to mention it's cold too. I took the kids to mcdonalds for lunch this afternoon. I let them play in the playland for two hours, then took the girl to her dads house, because she had an attitude and I really didn't want to deal with her. Thank god I have that option at least. Well that's it for now. Here's wishing a sunny day for me for at least one day this weekend.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mower drama

So last weekend was a frosty one I tell ya, we invited a few friends over for a BBQ on Sunday and to watch the race. Well Sunday morning I woke up to snow, yes I wrote snow! Thank god we decided to skip camping and try to go this weekend, however that's a bust now because it's.......wait for it......snowing and raining again! Anyways, since we figured that camping was going by the wayside this weekend the hubby decided to stay home with me on Monday :( not what I had planned but whatever. So he says you know I think I'll mow the lawn today it's getting kind of long. Ok I say I will go out and watch you in an attempt to not fall asleep here on the couch at 2:00. So as he's mowing, I'm standing there trying to get as much of the sun while it was out as I could. He stops half way through to empty the bag and says to me ya know I got this mower years ago and it might be time for a new one soon. He pops the bag back on starts the sucker up, walks 10 feet and the fucking thing blows up. Yep that's some fucking irony for ya. Alls I could do was laugh at the timing of the situation. That pisses him off. I mean come on did that really just happen? Seriously? So guess who went to buy a new mower.

Well my little man is growing up. 7 seems to be the time when they tell you they want their haircut they way they want it. And when the underwear you pick out isn't what he likes anymore. Now it's boxers instead of the boxer briefs I was getting him, I drew the lone at the socks when he said can I get black ones instead? No you feet will sink cause black is to hot in the summer, but at the rate were going summer is never going to get here. And I am not dealing with stinky ass feet. Now if the girl would just get on bored with this whole growing up thing that would be great cause she's 10, getting boobs and still bitches about showering and brushing her teeth. However we have evolved into wanting to straighten her hair in the mornings which is fine with me cause at least I know it's getting brushed.

Well at least I have tomorrow off, a half day to myself cause the kids have half day.... Boo, but I finally got some dye to get rid of these Greta well have a great weekend and I hope your weather is better then mine wherever you are.