Friday, June 17, 2011


Dumb ass finally went home!  YAY, I think she got the hint on Wednesday.  I tell you it has been a long ass week.  I am ready for the weekend!  This weekend My friend and I are working the Taste of Downtown.  It's like a huge party in the middle of downtown and all these restaurants give you tastes of their food.  Theres bands everywhere and it's a lot of fun.  We volunteer every year to get a free ticket......yes I know it should be for the cause, but fuck it, I'm all about the free!  But it is for the domestic violence advocates so it really is a good cause.  Anyways, we are in the great debate on what to do for the 4th of July.  So far it's camping at the lake, camping in Tahoe with my mom because he's tired of dragging toys everywhere and it's cheaper and more relaxing, or going to his dad's which would mean he has to get one of the 2 cars fixed.  Yes, we have 3 cars and there is a problem with all three.  The suburban, it's comfy, but the air conditioner is broken.  The truck, he needs some part for his wheel and then to put new tires on it.  My car, were not even going there it's such a piece of shit.  So decisions decisions.  Hell I could care less if we stayed home, I'm off the entire week.  I could just take the kids to the beach everyday for all I care.  I thought about taking them to the water park but I looked up the prices and DAMN I could take them to Disneyland for cheaper!  So fuck that idea.  We went to big 5 last night because fatty blew out his tire on his bike.  hehehe, it needed a new tube and my son conned me out of a slip and slid.  Man I remember those when I was a kid, so much fun, but my mom...aka "Hitler" was always yelling about using to much water or it was going to ruin the grass.  Oh and I swear she would never let my dad turn on the air conditioner either.  We spent many a hot summers sweating away.  Cheap is what I think they call it.  I find myself doing the same thing now a days.  But hey I'm willing to pay if it keeps the kids out of my hair.  And this one has 2 lanes so they can use it to race each other, which I'm sure will cause some sort problem and they will be in trouble within 5 minutes of busting it out of the box.  Oh well it's worth a shot. 

Well have a good weekend everyone!

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