Monday, June 6, 2011


We went on a family bike ride yesterday.  It was nice.  Aside from the weather, which couldn't make up it's mind on whether it wanted to be sunny or rain.  So my mom had taco night at her house last night, and since she lives close we decided to just ride our bikes there too.  It was nice, and the tacos were good.  We decided to leave around 6:15 and halfway home it started to rain.  It was a really chilly ride home!   I think if we would have left about 10 minutes earlier we would have been fine.  And WOW I really need a bigger seat.  My ass is killing me from that tiny thing.

So in the middle of the night the dog started throwing up.  I of course had no idea what as going on until the hubby woke me up freaking out because we gave her a few rib bones on Saturday night and she threw one up last night.  Plus he said she was having a hard time pooping.  So of course he's thinking the worst like the bone is stuck in her intestine.  So he says watch her this morning.  I do, she doesn't eat a whole lot but seemed to be OK.  He was still freaking out at work, yelling at me because I wasn't standing there to watch her shit out her breakfast this morning.  Dude I love the dog but had some things to do like get the kid ready to go this morning.  So I called the vet and asked what I should do.  $300.00 and an X ray later she is fine.  No bones stuck in her poop shoot.  I called the hubby and he's like I feel so much better knowing shes OK.  REALLY?  You act like you could give two shits about the dog.  I'm the one that takes care of her and feeds her and plays with her, but I guess I was mistaken.  Next time he goes to see the doctor I'm going to tell him to ask for some xanex to calm his ass down for a change, or start slipping it into his food or something.  God he's moody.

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