Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mower drama

So last weekend was a frosty one I tell ya, we invited a few friends over for a BBQ on Sunday and to watch the race. Well Sunday morning I woke up to snow, yes I wrote snow! Thank god we decided to skip camping and try to go this weekend, however that's a bust now because it's.......wait for it......snowing and raining again! Anyways, since we figured that camping was going by the wayside this weekend the hubby decided to stay home with me on Monday :( not what I had planned but whatever. So he says you know I think I'll mow the lawn today it's getting kind of long. Ok I say I will go out and watch you in an attempt to not fall asleep here on the couch at 2:00. So as he's mowing, I'm standing there trying to get as much of the sun while it was out as I could. He stops half way through to empty the bag and says to me ya know I got this mower years ago and it might be time for a new one soon. He pops the bag back on starts the sucker up, walks 10 feet and the fucking thing blows up. Yep that's some fucking irony for ya. Alls I could do was laugh at the timing of the situation. That pisses him off. I mean come on did that really just happen? Seriously? So guess who went to buy a new mower.

Well my little man is growing up. 7 seems to be the time when they tell you they want their haircut they way they want it. And when the underwear you pick out isn't what he likes anymore. Now it's boxers instead of the boxer briefs I was getting him, I drew the lone at the socks when he said can I get black ones instead? No you feet will sink cause black is to hot in the summer, but at the rate were going summer is never going to get here. And I am not dealing with stinky ass feet. Now if the girl would just get on bored with this whole growing up thing that would be great cause she's 10, getting boobs and still bitches about showering and brushing her teeth. However we have evolved into wanting to straighten her hair in the mornings which is fine with me cause at least I know it's getting brushed.

Well at least I have tomorrow off, a half day to myself cause the kids have half day.... Boo, but I finally got some dye to get rid of these Greta well have a great weekend and I hope your weather is better then mine wherever you are.


  1. Oh and sorry for all the miss spellings this damn auto correct on my phone keeps fucking my shut up!