Friday, May 27, 2011

Aint that a bitch!

You know I have many rolls in my household as I'm sure many of you do as well.  Short order cook, maid, mom, taxi, and now I can also add secretary to the list.  A couple of weeks ago the hubby which will now be referred to as fat bastard because I'm pissed off asked me to make him a doctors appointment.  OK fine I did that, and then last week the paperwork comes in and guess who gets to fill all that shit out......not him.  So yesterday he goes, well he needs blood work done so he says didn't I get a letter that I was suppose to use another lab?  I say yes, but the lab slip he gets is for an entirely different place.  I say I don't know if the insurance will pick it up if you go there.  He says well you need to call and find out.  UGH, NO!  First of all I don't know who to fucking call and second of all I'm not your personal secretary.  "FINE I'LL DO IT MYSELF"  As you should have done in the first place ASSHOLE!  Then it didn't end there, I decided I had enough of his attitude after dinner and went to my room to watch TV.  He comes up around 9 and says ugh, you didn't plug in my phone?  WHAT?  Are you fucking kidding me?  I just updated it for you, unplugged it from the computer and set it on the counter to put the boy in the shower......SORRY, I must of forgot.  JESUS, then starts the cryptic talk.  He says everyone is just so indecisive.  I say who are you pissed at now.  ugh, never mind good night.  Whatever, I guess I need a fucking crystal ball to know what your talking about.  So this morning he wakes me up 10 minutes late, then acts snotty when I say how come you didn't get up?  His response is OH, I can see your going to drag this into today.  I simply say FUCK YOU and go downstairs.  Lets see what tonight brings......yay me!

Last weekend I decided to get some sun and I took my chair and a book and sat outside for a couple hours.  What I didn't realize was I was wearing Capri's and my shines burnt.  So I had a nice start to a farmer tan from the knee down.  Sunday fat bastard says why don't you put on your bathing suit and try to fill some in.  Yeah that sounds like a plan.  Well now the whole front of me is burnt and I have a nice blister on my lip from it.  Good idea dip shit.  But then again I thought it was too.  So at least this morning I could finally turn the water hot enough so that it didn't burn the whole front part of me.  It's the little things that make me happy ya know.

Camping next weekend!  YAY, excited for that, and to get the hell out of here for a couple of days.

I hope everyone has a nice 3 dayer, and if you have nice weather good for you cause ours is going to suck as usual.!


  1. OMG!! I think I married your fat bastard's twin!!! I too am the personal secretary..are their fingers broken to call??? Do they not know how to fill out papers??? Reading this I swear to God I was living a past event..LOL I had to get up out of another room to go into the kitchen to get the phone to call someone to fix some mess on something..OMG can't you take care of it??? The worst is when they call you to tell you to call to fix something..HELL you just wasted the time that you could have called yourself and they know the number!!

    Oh you are in my thoughts!! :)

  2. haha, thanks, what kills me is when he makes me call, but I'm not on the account, so there's no way their going to give me any kind of information. He is such a dumbass.