Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mothers Day......Yesterday!

Lets begin with last week first.  Or wait, the previous week.  Yeah, so the last week in April was secretaries day.  Our office always takes us out for lunch and gives us a nice gift.  So that Thursday I came in and did my usual, looking at the paper and what not and one of the attorneys came in and says did you see the graffiti?  HUH?  Nope, so we walked out and checked it out and by this time about 3 more people had come in, walked right past the "FUCK THIS PLACE" in big black marker next to the back door.  I tell you we are all oblivious.  So I point it out to the boss lady in case she needs to file some report.  She didn't notice it either.  I said it's time to get out the magic eraser.  She says whats that?  REALLY?  Are you living under a rock?  It's like the greatest cleaning invention since comet.  So I get it for her and tell her wet it first and it should come off.  She's like this sponge, is going to take that off.  Yep!  So she goes out and starts scrubbing.  Guess what it came off.  By this time one of the old guy attorneys came along to supervise the scrubbing.  He was also in total shock that this little white magic sponge was taking off permanent marker.  It was fucking comical.  So off to lunch we went to the place down the street.  It was not bad, I had a steak salad, but it could have used some dressing.  Hey it was free and I wasn't going to complain.  So were walking back and I swear they are still going on about the magic eraser.  All freaking day, it was like I showed them the invention of the wheel or something.  So about 2:30 ish I took my break, went to my car to read a bit and smoke.  So I see menopausal minion and the boss lady like frantically running around by the back door.  The boss lady putting her head in the garbage can, and I'm like WTF?  So I get out to see whats going on.  They are like do you smell something burning?  I was like huh, yeah I do.  Turns out, and it totally wasn't me, someone didn't put their cigarette out all the way and lit the butt can on fire.  I tell you it was an eventful day, and consequently my Friday as well.

My in laws came into town a day early.  JOY.  And instead of them staying at the hotel as they usually do just so my hubby's drunken brother doesn't get all butt hurt and jealous.  But alas they ended up staying at my house of course since we have room now.  I initially took Friday off as a mental day for myself since they were suppose to come in that afternoon.  Surprise, they came Thursday night.  So Friday I took them to Virginia City and did the touristy things while the hubby went to work.  Saturday we went to the Boy's game then BBQ'ed at our house.  Sunday we took them to Tahoe and had lunch, then BBQ'ed more at our house.  Monday they left.  I was so freaking tired from going non stop all weekend it SUCKED getting up Monday and going to work.  I did however lean to make sangria on Friday night and my aunt and mom came over and we got drunk.  AAAHHH, good times.  LOL!

So this mothers day weekend, other then the baseball games which I got volunteered to learn to do the score book and it's a good thing I did because the lady that does it didn't show up until the end of the game on Saturday.  We decided to just relax.  The hubby made me breakfast and got me my new camp chair lounger, cause my other one broke last year and I got to watch all my showes that were DVR'd that were stacking up due to the in laws visit.  The girl actually took a nap for a few hours on the couch while the hubby napped with the boy watching the TV upstairs and then we topped it off with pizza cause we didn't feel like cooking.  It was a nice mothers day!

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