Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Hump Day....Or Not!

Yes it's Wednesday, and all I have to say about that is BOO!  Last weekend I suggested to the hubby that we should hit Costco because I needed some green beans.  I had some left over frozen ham and the bone from Easter so I thought I would attempt to try and make my grandmas green beans and ham for dinner.  I heard Costco had 2 lb bags so I figured I would get them there.  The moment I mention Costco, it's like I said biscuit to the dog.  Ears perk up and tail starts wagging.  I honestly should have just went myself, it would have been cheaper.  So while were there, he says well how much money do you have?  I say I said I have about $200.00 left from my check and I will buy groceries this week (we keep separate accounts).  So he says well since were here we should get some stuff for camping.  UGH!  Fine!  Well $300.00 later and an additional $78.00 at wal mart, I'm fucking broke.  I usually low ball him when he asks how much money I have because I will need gas and other things until next paycheck.  So now I'm fucked for the next two weeks.  And guess who will be filling up my tank.

So the boy has a double header on Saturday.  And it's suppose to rain.  Lucky me!  I tell you my weekends have just been flying by with all the baseball and really having no time to do nothing.  I cant wait till our camping trip in a couple of weeks.  Hopefully the weather will be better, like actually warm and not raining.  Hell we got snow last night up on the hill.  I cant wait to sit my ass in my new chair on the beach with a book and some well deserved foo foo drinks. 

So we got new copiers at work a couple of weeks ago and I swear the people around here think I work for Xerox.  Whats wrong with this, how come this doesn't work?  I don't FUCKING KNOW!  And I really don't care.  I was ready to dump a glass of water in the stupid machine hoping it would blow the fuck up yesterday, but I called the fix it guy instead and I'm sure it still isn't working properly.  Then the boss lady informed me that the postage machine was due for an upgrade.  I politely said no, if it ain't broke, lets not replace it with another headache!

Well that's it for now.  Till next time!

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  1. I get asked that at come this isn't working? This isn't working? I don't know..I didn't build the damn house? You are the man! Hell I replaced the heating element on my dryer by following the manual!! LOL We are women hear us ROAR!!! Just keep breathing girl!