Monday, May 23, 2011

Paul Blart

The hubby has gotten his ass into some real hot water last week at work.  I guess last Wednesday while he and his buddy were driving to work they encountered some guy on a motorcycle who cut them off.  His buddy flashed his lights at him and flipped him off.  The guy pulls up along side of them and sticks out his chest to show them his badge, and motions for them to pull over.  Keep in mind this guy was on an old man on a gold wing motorcycle.  So they notice when they stop at a light and the guy pulls up next to them that he in fact is NOT a cop but some security guy thinking pointing at his mall cop badge on his jacket will scare them off.  OOOHHH NO,  so the screaming like little children commences between the three of them.  Also keep in mind they are in a company truck with the name and number all over the damn thing.  They are not the brightest crayons in the box I tell you.  So the hubby jumps out and yells "your nothing but an $8.00 an hour paul blart mall cop", snaps his picture and runs back to the truck, where paul blart commences to yell "your momma" and "you suck cocks for a living" back at them.  So the hubby posts the picture on facebook with the story, and you can imagine all the comments.  So they finally call the cops to say this guy is impersonating a cop.  They took a report blah blah blah, so at the end of the day the guy shows up at the office, with his wife (I guess he needed back up) and is looking for the owner.  Fortunately he wasn't there, but the guy took his card and started emailing him non stop.  The emails say that her cant get the image of my hubby out of his mind, it's burned in his brain and he needs compensation.  Yep, you read that right, he wants money.  Then goes on to say my hubby made terrorist threats to him.  When I heard this I was like, "are you threatening to blow people up again?"  Anyways morel of the story is don't pick fights with people when your in a marked vehicle which seriously I thought he was a little smarter then that......I guess not.  And when the boss heard this his fell out of his chair laughing until the guy starts asking for money, now he's pissed.  Another moral lesson don't bite the hand that feed you and your family.

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  1. Oh man..I love the brightest crayon in the box part!! LOL If he could have been in any other truck you know you would have loved to have watched the whole thing play out..LOL