Monday, August 29, 2011


I FINALLY, FINALLY, got a new car.  It has been 12 years since I bought a car.  I am so freaking HAPPY.  Considering my shit week last week, this totally made up for it.  And my payments are only $93.00 more then what I was paying on the truck, which is getting paid off thanks to selling the suburban.  Now if we can just down size a few more things it will all be good.  The Hubby is even in love with it.  I was nice and let him drive it home.  He's all running around like don't touch it, your getting fingerprints on it.  It was really funny.  He's even moving the sea doo's out of the garage so the new car can be parked in it from now on.  HOLY SHIT!  I have NEVER been able to park in the garage for nothing.  I am so glad I now have windshield squirters that work, an a/c that works, and even the clicker works to unlock the doors now.  It's the little things ya know that make me happy!

Friday, August 26, 2011

today will be better.

I hope at least.  Yesterday went from shit to shitty in a matter of hours.  Since my a/c is STILL broken, and my mom had to hook up her trailer to go camping (yes were still not going either) I borrowed my aunts car.  It had under a quarter of a tank of gas so I went to the gas station.  It was a little crowded but I saw an open space on the other side and pulled in.  I get out and the gas station attendant said can you do me a favor?  I said sure.  She said can you back up so this guy can pull forward to get out?  He has difficulty (old guy) backing up.  Sure, I say no problem.  So I get in, back up and the guy leaves.  Pull forward to get my gas, and here comes old bitch trying to pull through.  Gas station attendant stops her (which I'm sure pisses her off) and lets me pull forward.  I pay my money go to pump the gas but I see no way to get the tank cover open.  So I start frantically searching the car for a lever or button.  Nothing.  So I call my Aunt.  She says just push it.  AAAHHH, OK great hang up the phone to start getting gas when old bitch yells get off the phone and pump your gas.  Keep in mind the fucking bitch IS sitting next to the other gas pump.  I yell back pump your fucking gas right there, your sitting next to the pump.  But NO, she wanted to pull forward.  Then throws her hands up and says if you weren't on the phone, I stop her mid sentence and say pump your fucking gas there, pointing at the pump.  Then I yell sorry it's not my car I didn't know how to get the thing open.  By this time I'm so pissed I wanted to put the car in drive and RAM her car, but instead I replaced the nozzle and yelled THERE YOU GO PRINCESS, and sped off.

So if my day wasn't bad enough, I had to go to the DMV for work.  That place always pisses me off because the people that work there are the biggest fucktards ever.  The boss lady left early, and I was still pissed at the hubby, so I left early.  Went to my moms to drop off the car so she could take me home, and she says do you want a glass of wine?  Yes please!  Well the glass turned into the bottle in the next half hour (yes I drank it myself) so by the time I left 45 minutes later after arriving, I was feeling no pain.  I got home, talked to the hubby, well he talked I just nodded.  And said I'm drunk, dinners on you.  And went and laid on the couch.  I felt so much better and relaxed.

So we have apparently sold our suburban to pay off his truck.  And he has my car sold to a guy at work, so this weekend I might FINALLY be getting a new car.  FINALLY!  Hopefully it will all work out.  But now I have to quit smoking cause that was the deal for getting a new car.  This isn't going to be pretty.  So today I will be spending the day cleaning out my car so it doesn't look like such a shit hole.  And I'm off, the kids are at school, this is going to be a good day!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a shitty week so far.

Well dickhead (step bastard) has managed to make this entire week SHIT.  My sister in laws mom texted me on Monday to see if he could give her daughter a ride to school and she would pay him.  I said I'll ask.  I asked Tuesday morning he said fine (figuring dickhead has no job and could use the money I thought it wouldn't be a huge problem.  Obviously I was WRONG).  Tuesday night I said don't forget to pick her up tomorrow.  He says well now I have to take some other chick to school, maybe.  I said well you better let me know so I can tell her to make other arraignments.  Nothing was said about it again.  Well he also left and didn't come home till we were in bed.  Wednesday I said at 7 a.m. don't forget to pick her up.  I cant I'm picking this other girl up.  REALLY, you didn't fucking tell me that last night when I asked you.  You said you didn't know.  Then I flew off the handle and called him a flaky piece of shit.  So scrambling I had to call this other mom at the last minute and look like an asshole for telling her it was fine.  Thank god she understood.  Then I get a call from my husband because dickhead called and tattled like a fucking toddler about what I called him.  So now I'm the one that's fucking WRONG.  I don't think so.  Last night I was told that I need to apologize for calling him that.  FUCK THAT, he needs to apologize to me.  So next on the agenda of the fight, camping.  We were suppose to go this weekend.  I told my mom, who told my brother.  So all was set.  Then he asked me last night is your brother going?  Yes I told you that Tuesday.  No you didn't.  Yes I did.  Well were camping on the other side and there's no room for him.  I said fine then go by your fucking self!  You know I am so tired of this shit.  It's his way or no way and I am not going to give in.  So have fun.  This morning he didn't wake me up, so I got up late.....thanks ASSHOLE,  My a/c in my car was fixed on Sunday and didn't work again by Monday, so Ive been borrowing my moms car all week.  Man, I am ready to just leave for a few days by myself.  Oh wait, I cant my car wont make it.  FUCK IT ALL!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I am that bitch neighbor!

Alright let's start with my neighbors piece of crap car that they won't park in front of their own house because it's embarrassing to actually admit that you own it. So, they park it across the street directly in front of my driveway so I can look at it for months, because it never moves. I finally got tired of looking at it, and was really tired of the hubby bitching about it. So I called the sheriffs department and got them to red tag it. So far so good, it's now in their driveway. Well see how long that lasts.

I just got back from meeting the kids teacher for this year of school. I can and can't wait for it to start. I'm not looking forward to the homework again that I will be doing for them because the shit is way to hard, even for me to do.

Well my car is maybe on it's way out. I think I talked the hubby into getting a in between car. One that runs, with small payments, until the trucks paid off next year so I can get a new one. I've been using my moms truck this week because the air conditioning went out again! And you know I'm just sick of putting money I to it. So now the search is on! Hopefully I'll find something soon.

Friday, August 12, 2011

It's post day!

I swear it seems like it's only Fridays I have time to post anything these days.  And the fact that I'm off as well.  This Wednesday was my office summer party.  They took us to a baseball game in Reno.  It was a lot of fun, my Mom, the kids and the hubby and his friend came, and also got totally drunk.  I think the hubby was about one drink away from mooning my co-workers.  This wouldn't be the first time by the way.  A small incident at my wedding that involved a lot of bloody marys, and quite a few of my co-workers were at our wedding so right after the ceremony he turned and mooned everyone.  Thank god I didn't get married in a church, how would I've explained that one.  Anyways.......

One more week and school is starting.  The kids are all ready.  We went to uniforms this year which I am totally fine with because now I don't have to worry about what their going to wear everyday.  That kind of makes it nice.

Oh yeah, my mother in law had her heart transplant on Tuesday.  That's good, she's been in Salt Lake since June waiting for one.  I don't mean to be so whatever about it, but she isn't like real close with any of us except the step bastard.  And the only reason I think he kisses her ass so much is because when she dies he gets everything.  We see her like twice a year and she lives in the same town, hell a couple years ago my son didn't even know who she was.  So it's like saying hey a friend of a friend had a think oh that's good, and go on with your day.  But she is my mother in law and to at least ease my guilty conscience a little for not really giving that much of a crap, I asked my office to at least make a donation to her (the school she works for is having a fundraiser)  So really that's about all that went on this week.  Hopefully I can get the hubby over to the other house to get the rest of our crap tomorrow.  We don't have much more time before the thing goes to auction.

Well have a great weekend all!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday post!

So, I was suppose to have a nice quiet evening to myself, since the hubby was suppose to go to some gay 80's reunion part at some bar in town the size of my closet, BUT, apparently it's next Friday.  DAMN!  So I guess no me time tonight.

Well I finally got the trustees sale on my house, so this weekend we will be getting the rest of the crap out of there and then it's out of my hair.  I am so happy it's finally over.  Now I just have to wait 6 more months to see if they are going to come after me.  And if they do.....hello bankruptcy!  Fuck you BofA.

The kids are starting school in 2 weeks.  I cant believe summer is over already, god it went by so freaking fast.  Before I know it, it will be snowing....ugh, after last winter that never seemed to end, I am not looking forward to that.

Thats all for now.  Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Cry me a river!

That's what I told the hubby along with shove it up his ass this weekend!  Back to the beginning of the story.

Tuesday:  Girl asks if she can stay the night at her friends house Friday night.  Sure no problem.

Wednesday:  We talk about going to the lake this weekend.  Since mom and my brother are camping, why not!

Thursday:  Call the girl to see if her friend would rather stay here and go the the lake on Saturday?  Girl cant make a decision and finally says she would rather stay at her friends.  FINE!

Friday:  Make a girl date with curly for dinner and a movie since the girl is at her friends house.  Get picked up at 5 and off to dinner.  5:30 get a call from the girl who has now changed her mind and they want to come with us Saturday.  Ugh, call the hubby to make sure it's OK if they come over cause I'm out and not coming home for this shit.  Fine, but you owe me he says.  Fine whatever.  6:00  hubby calls.  What time is the movie?  7:30 why?  Because nobody has had dinner and if I order pizza can you get it and bring it to me?  Sure, cause you are doing me a favor and all.  6:30, get pizza and drop it off, only to get you really owe me and I'm out of beer.  Well sorry it's 7 and my movie is starting.  7:15 the girls friend is crying and she wants to go home (the text I get in the theater)  she called her mom and her mom told her to suck it up.  Now I really owe him and no amount of "pussy" is going to help.  Oh well, what can I do, deal with it.  9:45, I get home to kids running a mock, and hubby not speaking to me.

Saturday:  Off to the lake, it's a nice day.  Kids are so far behaving.  Hubby is acting like a little girl.  I swear, every 5 minutes his mood went from fine to shitty.   4:00 storm starts to come in and we pack up to leave.  It pours on us for 20 minutes while we are trying to get the boat and everything ready to go.  He has some serious road rage on the way home.  And seriously with the way he's been acting all day I'll be surprised if this girls mom ever lets her stay again depending on what she told her.  Get home, pull up to back the boat into the driveway and it starts to pour.....AGAIN.  I call the girls mom, and thank god she comes to get her.  For the rest of the night he bitches about me leaving him with the kids and how it's bull shit and I'm selfish.  REALLY asshole?  I didn't think she was coming to I decided to go out for a bit.  Remember all those time I took care of your kids while you were at the bar EVERY WEEK?  No of course not.  So long story short, we spent the rest of the night in separate rooms.

Sunday:  We didn't talk much about the previous day, Grandma came and took both kids shopping for school stuff, and they both ended up staying the night.  I didn't know what to do with myself and all this kid free time. 

Well off to work now, have a good week!