Monday, August 1, 2011

Cry me a river!

That's what I told the hubby along with shove it up his ass this weekend!  Back to the beginning of the story.

Tuesday:  Girl asks if she can stay the night at her friends house Friday night.  Sure no problem.

Wednesday:  We talk about going to the lake this weekend.  Since mom and my brother are camping, why not!

Thursday:  Call the girl to see if her friend would rather stay here and go the the lake on Saturday?  Girl cant make a decision and finally says she would rather stay at her friends.  FINE!

Friday:  Make a girl date with curly for dinner and a movie since the girl is at her friends house.  Get picked up at 5 and off to dinner.  5:30 get a call from the girl who has now changed her mind and they want to come with us Saturday.  Ugh, call the hubby to make sure it's OK if they come over cause I'm out and not coming home for this shit.  Fine, but you owe me he says.  Fine whatever.  6:00  hubby calls.  What time is the movie?  7:30 why?  Because nobody has had dinner and if I order pizza can you get it and bring it to me?  Sure, cause you are doing me a favor and all.  6:30, get pizza and drop it off, only to get you really owe me and I'm out of beer.  Well sorry it's 7 and my movie is starting.  7:15 the girls friend is crying and she wants to go home (the text I get in the theater)  she called her mom and her mom told her to suck it up.  Now I really owe him and no amount of "pussy" is going to help.  Oh well, what can I do, deal with it.  9:45, I get home to kids running a mock, and hubby not speaking to me.

Saturday:  Off to the lake, it's a nice day.  Kids are so far behaving.  Hubby is acting like a little girl.  I swear, every 5 minutes his mood went from fine to shitty.   4:00 storm starts to come in and we pack up to leave.  It pours on us for 20 minutes while we are trying to get the boat and everything ready to go.  He has some serious road rage on the way home.  And seriously with the way he's been acting all day I'll be surprised if this girls mom ever lets her stay again depending on what she told her.  Get home, pull up to back the boat into the driveway and it starts to pour.....AGAIN.  I call the girls mom, and thank god she comes to get her.  For the rest of the night he bitches about me leaving him with the kids and how it's bull shit and I'm selfish.  REALLY asshole?  I didn't think she was coming to I decided to go out for a bit.  Remember all those time I took care of your kids while you were at the bar EVERY WEEK?  No of course not.  So long story short, we spent the rest of the night in separate rooms.

Sunday:  We didn't talk much about the previous day, Grandma came and took both kids shopping for school stuff, and they both ended up staying the night.  I didn't know what to do with myself and all this kid free time. 

Well off to work now, have a good week!

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