Friday, August 26, 2011

today will be better.

I hope at least.  Yesterday went from shit to shitty in a matter of hours.  Since my a/c is STILL broken, and my mom had to hook up her trailer to go camping (yes were still not going either) I borrowed my aunts car.  It had under a quarter of a tank of gas so I went to the gas station.  It was a little crowded but I saw an open space on the other side and pulled in.  I get out and the gas station attendant said can you do me a favor?  I said sure.  She said can you back up so this guy can pull forward to get out?  He has difficulty (old guy) backing up.  Sure, I say no problem.  So I get in, back up and the guy leaves.  Pull forward to get my gas, and here comes old bitch trying to pull through.  Gas station attendant stops her (which I'm sure pisses her off) and lets me pull forward.  I pay my money go to pump the gas but I see no way to get the tank cover open.  So I start frantically searching the car for a lever or button.  Nothing.  So I call my Aunt.  She says just push it.  AAAHHH, OK great hang up the phone to start getting gas when old bitch yells get off the phone and pump your gas.  Keep in mind the fucking bitch IS sitting next to the other gas pump.  I yell back pump your fucking gas right there, your sitting next to the pump.  But NO, she wanted to pull forward.  Then throws her hands up and says if you weren't on the phone, I stop her mid sentence and say pump your fucking gas there, pointing at the pump.  Then I yell sorry it's not my car I didn't know how to get the thing open.  By this time I'm so pissed I wanted to put the car in drive and RAM her car, but instead I replaced the nozzle and yelled THERE YOU GO PRINCESS, and sped off.

So if my day wasn't bad enough, I had to go to the DMV for work.  That place always pisses me off because the people that work there are the biggest fucktards ever.  The boss lady left early, and I was still pissed at the hubby, so I left early.  Went to my moms to drop off the car so she could take me home, and she says do you want a glass of wine?  Yes please!  Well the glass turned into the bottle in the next half hour (yes I drank it myself) so by the time I left 45 minutes later after arriving, I was feeling no pain.  I got home, talked to the hubby, well he talked I just nodded.  And said I'm drunk, dinners on you.  And went and laid on the couch.  I felt so much better and relaxed.

So we have apparently sold our suburban to pay off his truck.  And he has my car sold to a guy at work, so this weekend I might FINALLY be getting a new car.  FINALLY!  Hopefully it will all work out.  But now I have to quit smoking cause that was the deal for getting a new car.  This isn't going to be pretty.  So today I will be spending the day cleaning out my car so it doesn't look like such a shit hole.  And I'm off, the kids are at school, this is going to be a good day!

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