Friday, August 12, 2011

It's post day!

I swear it seems like it's only Fridays I have time to post anything these days.  And the fact that I'm off as well.  This Wednesday was my office summer party.  They took us to a baseball game in Reno.  It was a lot of fun, my Mom, the kids and the hubby and his friend came, and also got totally drunk.  I think the hubby was about one drink away from mooning my co-workers.  This wouldn't be the first time by the way.  A small incident at my wedding that involved a lot of bloody marys, and quite a few of my co-workers were at our wedding so right after the ceremony he turned and mooned everyone.  Thank god I didn't get married in a church, how would I've explained that one.  Anyways.......

One more week and school is starting.  The kids are all ready.  We went to uniforms this year which I am totally fine with because now I don't have to worry about what their going to wear everyday.  That kind of makes it nice.

Oh yeah, my mother in law had her heart transplant on Tuesday.  That's good, she's been in Salt Lake since June waiting for one.  I don't mean to be so whatever about it, but she isn't like real close with any of us except the step bastard.  And the only reason I think he kisses her ass so much is because when she dies he gets everything.  We see her like twice a year and she lives in the same town, hell a couple years ago my son didn't even know who she was.  So it's like saying hey a friend of a friend had a think oh that's good, and go on with your day.  But she is my mother in law and to at least ease my guilty conscience a little for not really giving that much of a crap, I asked my office to at least make a donation to her (the school she works for is having a fundraiser)  So really that's about all that went on this week.  Hopefully I can get the hubby over to the other house to get the rest of our crap tomorrow.  We don't have much more time before the thing goes to auction.

Well have a great weekend all!

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