Monday, August 29, 2011


I FINALLY, FINALLY, got a new car.  It has been 12 years since I bought a car.  I am so freaking HAPPY.  Considering my shit week last week, this totally made up for it.  And my payments are only $93.00 more then what I was paying on the truck, which is getting paid off thanks to selling the suburban.  Now if we can just down size a few more things it will all be good.  The Hubby is even in love with it.  I was nice and let him drive it home.  He's all running around like don't touch it, your getting fingerprints on it.  It was really funny.  He's even moving the sea doo's out of the garage so the new car can be parked in it from now on.  HOLY SHIT!  I have NEVER been able to park in the garage for nothing.  I am so glad I now have windshield squirters that work, an a/c that works, and even the clicker works to unlock the doors now.  It's the little things ya know that make me happy!

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