Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a shitty week so far.

Well dickhead (step bastard) has managed to make this entire week SHIT.  My sister in laws mom texted me on Monday to see if he could give her daughter a ride to school and she would pay him.  I said I'll ask.  I asked Tuesday morning he said fine (figuring dickhead has no job and could use the money I thought it wouldn't be a huge problem.  Obviously I was WRONG).  Tuesday night I said don't forget to pick her up tomorrow.  He says well now I have to take some other chick to school, maybe.  I said well you better let me know so I can tell her to make other arraignments.  Nothing was said about it again.  Well he also left and didn't come home till we were in bed.  Wednesday I said at 7 a.m. don't forget to pick her up.  I cant I'm picking this other girl up.  REALLY, you didn't fucking tell me that last night when I asked you.  You said you didn't know.  Then I flew off the handle and called him a flaky piece of shit.  So scrambling I had to call this other mom at the last minute and look like an asshole for telling her it was fine.  Thank god she understood.  Then I get a call from my husband because dickhead called and tattled like a fucking toddler about what I called him.  So now I'm the one that's fucking WRONG.  I don't think so.  Last night I was told that I need to apologize for calling him that.  FUCK THAT, he needs to apologize to me.  So next on the agenda of the fight, camping.  We were suppose to go this weekend.  I told my mom, who told my brother.  So all was set.  Then he asked me last night is your brother going?  Yes I told you that Tuesday.  No you didn't.  Yes I did.  Well were camping on the other side and there's no room for him.  I said fine then go by your fucking self!  You know I am so tired of this shit.  It's his way or no way and I am not going to give in.  So have fun.  This morning he didn't wake me up, so I got up late.....thanks ASSHOLE,  My a/c in my car was fixed on Sunday and didn't work again by Monday, so Ive been borrowing my moms car all week.  Man, I am ready to just leave for a few days by myself.  Oh wait, I cant my car wont make it.  FUCK IT ALL!

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