Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Renovations Continue!

Friday:  I had 3 hours to use of my vacation before I lost it at the end of the month, and since it was slow, I decided to go home early.  I got this book called The Forgotten Garden, and OMG, I couldn't put it down.  So I had about a hundred or so pages to go and went home and read for like 2 hours.  Then the hubby came home and blew my quiet time all to shit.  So I got ready to go to mom's and continue the work.  We went over with the intention of painting the ceilings, HA, harder then it looks.  I did one room and it looked like crap.  My brother did another room and it looked like crap.  So the hubby, which I am now naming the drill Sargent, banned us from painting.  On the way home he said we got in his way and would rather work by himself.  OK, I said tomorrow morning you go over by yourself and we will meet you there in the afternoon.

Saturday:  We got up and he went over, by himself and I did some laundry, and then mom picked me up.  She was doing a little garage saleing, looking  for some lamps or whatever she could find for her house.  She did find a really nice daybed, but when we went back, the lady had just sold it, like within a matter of seconds upon our arrival.  So we gave that up and went to Lowes AGAIN, for more paint.  The drill sargent underestimated how much paint we were going to actually need.  Dropped the paint off, and noticed he had done the whole ceiling, kitchen, living room and everything.  Man he works fast.  So we left to go to Costco in search of a couch.  Then he told us to just not come back, so we went and showered, changed clothes, and headed to Reno to look at some furniture stores.  3 stores later, still no decision, we headed home.  Went to eat dinner then home to bed to get ready for day 2.  And P.S. I really hate garage saleing, I don't need other people's crap that they don't even want.  I am kind of a snob that way I guess.

Sunday:  He went over again by himself, hey he got a lot done without us in the way, and I was ready to take another day off, but stupid me went over there anyways and ended up scraping paint off the windows.  Then mom says will Windex take it off?  HHHMMMM, lets see cause I have been scraping for 20 minutes now and only have 2 windows done.  Low and behold, Windex takes off paint ( I guess the Dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding was right, just spray some Windex on it).  That made the job go a lot faster once we figured it out.  The drill sargent has taken to calling my mom and I Laverne and Shirley.  You can imagine why!  So he still was not letting us paint (not that I blame him, we did a pretty shitty job on the ceiling) So we decided to paint some of the patio furniture the previous lady left.  It was going good and it turned out nice, but and here's where the whole Lavern & Shirley thing come into play.  My mom managed to paint her foot and flip flop red, we over sprayed off the drop cloth and now there is a big red square in the middle of her driveway, I managed to inhale god knows how much Rustolium, when I went to blow my nose later on it was Burgundy.  AAAHHH good times, but we were gonna paint something DAMN IT.

Monday:  Bipolar called in, big shock!  It was her Daughters 6th birthday this weekend so I'm sure she had to recover from that (shaking my head) (rolling my eyes) My day was actually busy so it went by pretty fast thank god.  I threw a pork roast in the crock pot so I could bring dinner over to moms and eat while we were working.  I got off, packed everything up, mom dropped the kids off at Grandma's and we went to work.  I asked the drill sargent if there was anything I could do and he said if you don't fuck it up you can start painting the bedrooms.  HALLI-FUCKING-LLUJAH, I quickly texted my mom and said he's letting us paint!  So in my new found responsibility, I tried my best not to fuck it up.  We started with her room, and it went OK, we have to go over it again tonight, but once we got to the other 2 bedrooms we were fucking pro's.  Our night ended at 8 cause it started getting dark, I think I went home, put on the jammies and died in my bed.  Now I am ready for round 2 tonight.  We told him he could paint the living room and office, since he does a better job then us, but YAY we still got to help.

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