Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just Let Me Lie Down!

I think my hubby finally got the camping crap all done.  It took him all damn day, 1 ruined lunch hour and me going to bed waaayyy past my bedtime, but I think he got everything done.  The in laws decided to come over last night, my sis in law texted me at like 5:30 and said they were stopping at the store and would be over.  I figured 20 minutes or so since they were ordering a cake and that was all.  An hour and a half goes by before they showed up.  So after chatting for half an hour I'm like can we please go eat cause I'm starving and its like 7.  We normally eat around 5-5:30, so went out and had a few glasses of wine, ate the most delicious pulled pork (I know, no chicken) and potatoes and by the time we got home it was 9:30 and I was stuffed beyond stuffed.  He of course had to hook up the trailer and boat so they could just leave this morning (I don't know why he thinks they are going to be on time) so he busted ass for like an hour getting everything hooked up because they were suppose to meet at our house around 7:30.  So I watched some TV and then went to bed.  I am so freaking tired this morning, and am not used to going to bed this late without being able to sleep in.  I think with all of the non stop work from last weekend and then trying to get ready for the in laws this week, it's all catching up with me.

But alas the angels are finally smiling down on my poor tired head.  I can actually hear them busting out in a chours of Hallelujah.  I, yes me, have a whole night to MYSELF!  I could literally pee my pants with excitement right now.  I called my Grandma and asked if she would keep the girl tonight.  I have a netflix chick flick due in my mailbox today, hubby is gone with the dog and boy for the night.  I am going to get myself a piece of meat for dinner, make some popcorn, watch my movie in my nice comfy bed, and call it an early night, I cant fucking wait.  I can actually get up late in the morning, not have to yell at anybody to brush their teeth and get dressed.  OMG!  Ya know it's the little things like this that make me HAPPY!

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