Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back To Normal.

Things are finally getting back to normal at home.  It's really nice to come home, make dinner, and relax till it's time for bed.  On Monday, I got home from work sat down on the couch for a few and decided you know what, I'm putting on my jammies.  Keep in mind it was 4:50 in the afternoon, but still, I had no where to be so jammie time it was.

Well in getting back to normal, I didn't miss picking the kids up from school and listening to them fight all the way home.  Seriously it makes me want to drive the car off a cliff every time I have to drive them somewhere.  Then the fighting usually continues when we get home.  Last night they went out to ride their scooters in the driveway.  Not 2 fucking minutes go by and bam, the arguing starts.  Are you kidding me?  You two cant even ride your scooters without fighting about something.  I called them both in and said, if I hear anymore, your both coming in and not playing anything.  So they run back outside and the fighting commences.  So I yell for them to get their asses back in the house and they need to separate.  I sent both to do something in their own rooms.  Well that didn't last long.  I was making dinner and the girl says can I help?  Fine what ever shuts you up.  Then the boy comes into the kitchen and sits on the counter watching me stir the macaroni.  The water starts to boil up a little so I blew on it to make it go down.  This intrigues the kids and first the girl blows on the pot, then the boy says stop blowing on me with your yuck breath, then I tell them both to shut it, and the boy starts blowing in the girls direction.  MOM, tell him to stop blowing at me.  OH FOR FUCK SAKE, both of you get the hell out of here before I dunk my head in this boiling water.  This I guess hurt the boys feelings, Mr. Sensitive he is.  Runs to his room and starts crying as loud as he could.  The hubby's like what did you do.  I said nothing.  He'll get over it.  So the hubby has to go play the good parent and tells him that his sister is a meany pants, and he will play the playstation with him after dinner.  HAHA sucker, you fell right into his evil plan.  So guess who got to sit on the couch and watch whatever she wanted and guess who got stuck playing video games, which he HATES.  I cant even get this man to play cards with me.  I guess something good came out of it.....for me anyways.  I finally rescued him after an hour and a half, telling the kids they needed to get in the shower.

After a rest full night of sleep, the girl wakes up really freaking early this morning.  And as soon as they got ready for school and sat down for breakfast the fighting starts back up. But this time it involves kid #3, who is my friends little girl who I take to school in the morning.  Between the 3 of them grating on my last nerve, I'm like eat your damn breakfast and lets get the hell out of here.  Back to the car, where I am trapped in a small space with 3 fighting kids under the age of 10.  YIPPEE.  I asked my mom last week while in the store, why didn't you tell me it was a bad idea to have kids.  She said I don't know you wanted one.  Well did the thought ever occur to you I might not be the best candidate for being a mother?  When I was like 1 and hated all baby dolls?  Like up until I was 6 or so I would beat the crap out of them and throw them against the wall. If I were her I would have put me in therapy.....SCARY.  Hence, not motherly, I don't even like other peoples kids.  But here I am, two kids in tow, I love them, but crap they drive me nuts.  I heard on a radio show that being a parent drives you to temporary insanity.  I can believe that.  So tonight the girl is staying at my moms for the night.  Oh thank god a night without fighting.  The kids are great if the aren't together, but sheesh, I am getting tired of listening to myself yell when they are.  

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