Thursday, September 30, 2010


You know, I am only going to talk about how fucking PISSED OFF I am today.  You can call me a selfish bitch if you want, I know it to be true!  The ONE, ONE time I try and plan something.  Something all fucked up happens.  AND, to top it off it was my anniversary yesterday.  The very fucking perfect day for all this SHIT to implode itself.  Here is the beginning of the story.  Last night I came home and yelled at my daughter to do her homework in a quick like fashion.  Made dinner, and ate.  Kohls opened yesterday and my grandma had called and asked if I wanted to go shopping.  Sure I said, (I am in desperate need of a new purse, and she's buying)  I'll pick you up at 6.  Since we weren't doing anything anyways for our special day, I thought why the hell not. 

Picked her up, and went to shop.  I did find a really cute purse.  It's a little bigger than I'm used to, but it seems like the only kind of purse they sell these days are the size of carry on luggage.  I managed to get a couple of shirts and a pair of jeans as well (thank you bingo for being so generous to my grandma yesterday.)

We managed to get out of there around 8ish, and decided to go get an ice cream at McDonald's.  She wanted to bring my grandpa one, so we went through the drive through.  While sitting in line the hubby calls and says "are you planning on coming home?"  I was like yeah I'm on my way in a few, just getting some ice cream.  He seemed really annoyed, I was like WTF?  I thought he was OK with me going out.  So I got home and went to get my bag out of the car and he walks out and says "drive me to dickheads moms house I need to get his truck"  UM, OK, why?  Nothing.  So I start questioning him only getting short little snippy answers.  Dickhead decided to play superman on his dirt bike, and broke both of his arms.  WE ARE LEAVING ON SATURDAY!  Then he mentions we might not be able to go.  I felt my head start to explode.  I realize that if it were my kids I would have cancelled, but I don't give a flying fuck about that kid at all and see it as him fucking up my plans.  Plans that I have been looking forward to for a month. Plans that are already paid for, and cant be cancelled without losing money. (Insert selfish bitch here) 

The hubby went up to the hospital to find out what is going on today.  So for at least 3 weeks he will be in 2 casts.  Not able to shower, eat, wipe his own ass.  FANFUCKINGTASTIC!  They did surgery on the other pins and bolts, and god knows how long it's going to take for that fucker to heal.  I knew it, I just fucking knew it, I even posted something about it when he bought that damn thing.  I figured it wouldn't have taken this long for him to incapacitate himself.  But of all the fucking days, and bad luck why yesterday?  WHY?

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