Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A little art work!

My Daughter is all ready for Halloween.  Above is her sketch of said costume.  The title of the costume is Vampire Princess, because throwing the word princess in there makes it a good vampire.  She was going to draw up a sketch for my sons costume, but decided against it.  He is going to be Harry Potter (he has never seen the movie, but thinks he's cool cause he wears glasses).  Notice the points of interest mapped out around the photo, vampire blood, black and red tiara, black shoes, and black and red dress.  She is thorough I must say.  Then she informs me we need to look online for such a costume.  I said yeah, I think we might be able to find something similar at Wal-Mart....I hope, if not then I think we can drop the princess from the title.  I love how she draws herself with a big head.

After playing with my phone for hours on end last night, I decided to finally watch some TV.  All the shows are starting up this week (YAY) and my DVR is going into overload mode.  So is my brain....TO. MUCH. TO. WATCH. MUST. WATCH. EVERYTHING.  So it started off with Little People Big World.  I love that show, however my Husband does not.  He just doesn't appreciate the quality TV I like to watch, but he still watches.  Like for example Ghost Hunters, I am obsessed with that show.  I faithfully record every new episode and even watch Ghost Hunters International.  I try and watch it by myself but usually end up with company.  OMG! He says I cant believe you watch this crap.  It's all fake....then he's quiet, then blurts out BULLSHIT!  So the entire hour I am trying to enjoy my show, it's interrupted with blurts of BULLSHIT, and FAKE, OH that door that's moving is attached to a string,  It's just for ratings.  UGH, SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE.  So anyhow back to the original story, I put it on and he says OH NO, not this show again, I hate this show.  I pushed stop, and handed him the remote and said find something then.  He went through the guide, handed it back and said fine watch your crap show.  He watched the whole hour, and complained the whole time.  Sometimes I don't think it's even worth it.

I somehow ended up watching half a football game later on that evening.  I guess it was payback cause he knows how much I HATE football.  Oh well back to my phone.  So my son comes out, and out of the blue says "I hate Justin Bieber"  Where did that come from?  I said why do you hate him, he says "because he sings like a girl"  Allrighty then.  Dually noted, you hate Justin Bieber, I will never utter his name in this house again.  I should see if he wants to be him for Halloween......hehehe.


  1. OMG I ♥ Ghost Hunters! No so much the LPBW though. My Grey's Anatomy will be starting again and House was a complete disaster! It better get better or I cannot bring myself to watch him. ~*Sigh*~ I ♥ him so much though...

    I am so happy you got your phone! Yay!

  2. Ye my Husband calls me a couch potatoe, and I have to agree. I LOVE Grey's, and Private Practice, and everything else under the sun. I think I need a life!

  3. Lol. SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE. Lmao!! I love your spunk momma.

    I hope you don't mind if I follow you. I also gave you an award on my blog so feel free to come check it out at