Monday, September 27, 2010

Is someone trying to tell me something?

What a weekend.  I went to my nephew's first birthday party on Saturday afternoon.  My brother and his wife decided to have a BBQ at the park near my house.  OK that's good but you have to get there really early to snag one of the spots in the pavilion.  My mom calls at like 10:30 and says, your brother is an idiot.  I say what now?  She says they aren't even at the park yet and the party is in 2 hours.  I don't know how he's going to get a spot.  I said it figures, you know how he is, always on his own schedule.  So we make it to the park, at 12.  Problem #1, he didn't get a spot so we ended up in the middle, not anywhere near the 3 playgrounds they have.  Great, now what are all these kids going to do.  So aside from that, our family seems to be the only one's that can show up on time.  She really needs to tell her family that shit is going to start a whole hour before it actually does.  So maybe this way they could get their asses there on time like the rest of us.  Problem # 2, the baby decided he needs a nap.  2 hours later:  Problem # 3, my brother is BBQing hot dogs, which my mom bought so there would be enough for everyone.  He asked my grandma to bring deviled eggs (YUCK) she did, and also 2 bags of chips.  He starts cooking (the baby finally woke up)  and my mom realizes that he only has hot dogs for everyone.  We pretty much killed the 2 bags of chips waiting on napping baby.  She gets LIVID, and says I'm going to buy some potato salad.  He tells her it's fine and to sit down.  She sat, she didn't eat, and she festered in the sun for 4 hours.  OH DEAR LORD, HELP US!  My husband (who was smart and left after an hour) ditched me, so I had to get a ride home with her.  She got up, didn't help clean up (which is really really not like her) and left.  I told her to hang out for a few at my house, cause my ex was picking up the girl after the party and we were going to get something to eat.  I tried to feed her some snacks just to get her to lighten up a little, but NO.  Then I was trying to suggest something to the hubby about chicken, and after a few of trying to make a point she yells at him "SHES JUST MAKING A SUGGESTION YOU DUMBASS"  UH, OK, then she got up and left.  Hey thanks for leaving him pissed with me.  I left him at home, went and met her for dinner, I think she finally calmed down a little after she ate.  I even offered to get her a margarita (god knows she needed one)

I called her yesterday and today, still in a bad mood!  I told her maybe she needed to double up on her hormone pill, at least till she lightens up.  Oh yeah and my brother texted me last night and says the toy I got my nephew makes him cry every time it goes off.  HAHAHA, yep I got the noisiest sucker I could find.  Your welcome!

This morning I got to work to find somebody had dumped a whole can of cigarette butts in front of the back door to my office and they left the can too?  That is what didn't piss me off, it left me a little confused, but not mad.  The thing that pissed me off was the amount of co workers that walked over it this morning without doing a fucking thing about it.  Oh hey lazy fucks, I'll clean it up!  I think I probably counted about 7 of them.
So on my break I confront one of them.  I say, hey did you see that shit this morning?  She says yes I did, I say what was that about?  She says I don't know.  I said you know what makes me mad?  What? She says.  I say that people actually walked over this and didn't pick it up!  She says well I saw that, and didn't know if it was there for a reason, so I didn't want to touch it.  REALLY?  You thought the office was doing a little decorative landscaping in front of the back door, on a sidewalk, with cigarette butts.  HHHHMMM, you are as fucking lazy as I thought!  PEOPLE, (HUH), (SIGH), COME ON!  So aside from having to pick that up this morning, I burnt a hole in my skirt from my own cigarette.  I'm thinking the universe is telling me I need to quit or something.

I refuse to be in a bad mood this week.  It's my last week before vacation weekend.  I bought my Alcatraz tickets yesterday, and I am SOOOO ready to get out of town.  My actual annivaersary is on Wednesday.  I just hope this week fly's by.  Bipolar minion is still chicken pox free, I could see the disappointment in her face when I said to her this morning oh still didn't get it, that's good.  I know it's killing her not having an excuse to call in.


  1. Wow what a weekend for you!!! Happy early anniversary. =) Hmmmm just image all the money you will save not buying those ciggs. Just saying =)

  2. I know I know, you and the smoking nazi (aka hubby) I will quit when I get my new car. Cause I dont wanna stick it up and all. My car now is already stinkafied, so what the hell. But that is a year away, a year to prepare myself!

  3. Just discovered you! Love your tagline...should be mine!
    I've been following the trials and tribulations of the Chicken pox-less bipolar minion! She's crazy. Doesn't she realize how shitty chicken pox are when you are over 6!
    You are so funny!

  4. I know, the Minion is a total head case. Thanks for following!