Thursday, September 16, 2010


HA HA, the smell of victory!  I got my phone!  I whined, and stroked his ego so much he finally gave in.  It was kind of cute though, we did go to wal-mart, and checked to see if they had any of the phones, but they were out.  He drove to the AT&T store across the parking lot and checked there.  Turns out since I have opted to be a cheap skate, and get the 3GS, instead of the 4, nobody carries them in stock.  The store did have one that they had sold that day....damn a day late.  So I said it's fine I'll just order it online.  We hit the pizza joint for dinner, and he said well let me check the AT&T store over here (we have 2 in town)  it was very thoughtful of him and right this very moment, I take back all the crappy shit I've said about him.  Till he pisses me off again!  I should have it in my hot little hands by Saturday! (I still had to order it)

Ugh!  Back to the gym tonight :(  I am not complaining, but it's tough getting back into this routine!

I woke up this morning (well barley) and I swear to god I thought it was Friday.  I was super excited until the irritating weather girl informed me it was only Thursday.  Boo.  That has made for a depressing day.  This has been the longest week EVER!

My daughter finally went to school today, I guess the teacher gave her some in class homework to do while she was out.  Who does this?  The kid is sick.  Who wants to do more homework while their sick?  I mean geez she's only in the fourth grade.  So I wrote him a nice little note this morning stating that I didnt see it until late last night, and if she could do it tonight and turn it in tomorrow?  Or let me rephrase that, if I could do most of the work for her while she writes down the answers cause I got shit to do other then my kids homework.  You know it wasn't like this when I was her age.  I didnt start getting homework till Jr. High.  I think they should have stuck with that over the years.  It's hard enough coming home from work, unloading the dishwasher, making dinner, loading the dishwasher, then having to wrangle to kids to sit down for an hour to do homework when all they want to do is either play or bug the shit out of each other and me.  With the way they nit pick each other I am surprised my hubby lets me go to the gym at all.  I usually come home and one or both are in their rooms, in trouble, or I get yelled at cause they arnt listening to him, and going nuts.  I hate the school districts.  Oh and here's one for you.  My mom moved right, like 1 block over.  I use her address so they can go to that school.  So I changed the address on all the forms this year.  The school calls me this morning and informs me that I am no longer in that district.  Seriously, its like right across the street.  So now I have to fill out variance forms, ugh.  The school I am apparently now zoned for is like a mile and a half away, figure that one out!

Well happy ALMOST Friday.  Hopefully the day will just fly by!


  1. Almost Friday! I cannot believe the homework they send my kid home with now a days. Makes me wonder why the hell they send kids to school in the first place if they are just going to end up doing all the shit at home! Ugh. Whew sorry! Sorry about the district, very irrgatating.

  2. I know it's ridiculas, we sat there for 2 hours doing the in class work she missed. Getting a 9 year old to focus on something for more then 5 minutes is a callenge!