Friday, September 10, 2010


I am in a much better mood today.  Thank God!  I was beginning to think this PMS would never go away (neither did my hubby).  So anyhooo, Bipolar called in today.  Wasn't much of a shock, she started the whole, I am not feeling so good crap yesterday afternoon.  I think the whole office knew she wasn't going to be in today.....SHOCKING!  Makes my day go by quicker when I have to do her job too.  So at least there's an upside to it all.

I got a crazy hair up my ass today for dinner tonight.  I have decided I am going to try and make my own pizza.  I know, I know, why make it when it comes hot and fresh to my door you ask?  I think Betty Crocker has taken me over temporarily.  I thought the kids might have fun making their own dinner too.  Seeing as how I'm stuck with them BOTH, for the weekend.  Might as well do something to keep them out of my hair for the night.  If it sucks I will just call the good old delivery boy to cover up my mess.

So the hubby and I were talking this morning and still mulling over our anniversary idea trip to San Fransisco.  I told him if we booked the room 21 days in advance we could save $30.00.  He says how much time do we have?  I say till Saturday to decide.  He really wants to go to six flags and I really want to so into S.F.  so I said this morning cant we do both?  He asks like a good little boy, is that what you want?  I reply yes, that's what I want.  So now both of us are happy campers and I cant freaking wait.  We haven't been on a trip together since our honeymoon 4 years ago.  It's been 9 trying years, and we deserve it damn it.

So dickhead (step bastard) has been quite the little sneak lately.  I was checking my bank account and got my e-bill phone bill and was like WTF?  Why is it $30.00 more then usual?  I check the bill and SOMEONE subscribed to some streaming online radio crap.  I called the number and asked what it was and who signed up for it and they told me my hubby did.  AH, NO,  he wouldn't sign up for shit like that, he's barley on the computer only to check out EBay and Craig's list, and the occasional porn site (shrug).  This is way beyond his capabilities on a computer.  So I called him and made sure then ratted that little bastard out.  He better get to working soon, cause on top of the $40.00 he owes me for that fucking IPhone he had to have now he owes me more.  (sigh) 2 more years, 2 more years, then he's out on his ass.

Have a great weekend everyone, I know I wont :)


  1. I am so glad today was better and that you are in a better mood. We had a hypochondriac at my job too, course I didn't directly work with her, thank God. Sorry to hear about sneakiness going on, I HATE that! I am so excited for your get-away!

  2. Yes great mood. And hypochondriac is and understatement in describing her.