Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Got some much needed rest.

Well I got some rest this weekend and also found out how utterly lame I am.  It all started with Friday, the first day of my five day weekend.  I was suppose to go to the movies with mom, but that got all shot to hell when the hubby called on Thursday afternoon.  He says on Friday his company is having a picnic of sorts for their clients.  They are getting a bunch of ribs from the rib cook off that was going on this weekend, and I should take the day off and come, cause he really wants me to meet the people he works with. He didn't know I actually had the day off, so I told him I had half day, and was going to the movies.  He was like well that's OK, you don't have to come, but I could tell he really wanted me to.  So I put the movies on hold and like a good little wifey I went.  But before that I went to breakfast with mom, hit Penney's which pissed me off because I bought some pants on line for work for 19.99 and noticed they had the pants on sale for 14.99, ugh I should have just taken my lazy ass to the store.  I did get some tee shirts for 5 bucks though.  So after that I drove my happy ass to sparks for the BBQ.  OMG!  It was the most boring thing I have ever been to.  I met all the people he works with, yay, ate 2 ribs cause I was full from breakfast, and sweated my ass off, (literally) under an easy up on a plastic chair for 3 hours.  Oh good times, I'm glad I gave up a nice air conditioned movie for this.  It made him happy that I came though.  So afterwards, since the boy was staying the night with mom, I said we should go have some fun while were out and alone and not be so lame and old like we always are.  So someone suggested we go to this restaurant that has a pool hall and bowling alley in it.  OK that sounds like fun, so we get there way to early and decide to sit at the bar and have some drinks and an appetizer.  An hour later he goes to pay so we can go play pool or whatever and the waitress brings back his ATM card and says it was declined.  Oh great, so now I have to pay.  He's like WTF?  I just got paid yesterday?  Well good times a ruined, I say well lets just go home and check it out, because I no he's pissed and why bother trying to have a good time now.  So get home, check the computer, and there was a teller with drawl that day.  I say did you go to the bank today? He says no I went Wednesday to cash that check and that was it.  So we drive to the bank, thank god our friend works there and try to figure out what happened.  So long story short, he cashed a check Wednesday, the teller was new and lost the check, back office thought it was a customer with drawl instead of a check cashed and took the money.  FUCKERS, they ruined my good time.  It got fixed, went home ordered a pizza, watched the race and went to bed at 8, yep we are fucking lame.

Saturday I got up early because hey I went to bed at 8.  Went to the store, oh yes another fantastic store story.  We had breakfast so I think OK we are going to do this shopping with non of his diabetic tantrums and we don't have the kid so should be painless.  HA, nope, again halfway through the store, Mr. McGimp starts limping and is like oh my knees I just need to hurry up and get out of here.  Why me?  Cant we just shop without you bitching about something?  Oh and I didn't put the shit in the basket the right way.  Who fucking cares their going to bag it like shit anyways.  So after that lovely fiasco, I went to Penney's and got the sale price on the pants I bought.  Woo Hoo, I saved 21 bucks.  But still I have yet to see the credit in my bank account so I had to go dumpster diving for the receipts just in case I have to go back, which I'm sure I will, because things just cant go right for me.  On Saturday night we went to Red Lobster, oh yumm, I think I ate enough butter to give me a heart attack, but it was yumolicious.  I did make it to 10 that night, so I didn't feel as lame but it was a struggle let me tell you.  Oh funny thing, so the ribs on Friday didn't agree with the hubby (gave him some rotten ass)  So in order to keep me from throwing up my dinner, he was opening the front door and blowing them outside.  About the fourth time he got up he said the last time I got up someone walked by the house as I let one go (and he isn't quiet about it either)  So as he says this while a huge fart escapes his ass he hears some laughing and someone else was walking by as he let one rip.  He quickly slammed the door and was like that was embarrassing, your gonna have to suffer now cause I'm not going out there again.  I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.  And then lit a candle.

Sunday was uneventful, got the boy from moms made some ribs for dinner (and oh yes more ribs for his stanky ass) and watched the race and went to bed.  I did manage to make it to my movie yesterday, it was pretty good then just hung around the house, getting geared up to start the work week, which brings us to today.  Only four more days to go. 

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