Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today is the official day!  4 years ago, in front of my big screen TV in my living room, I got married.  Then got married again on a beach the next day in front of all our friends and family.  It was to become known as the "white trash wedding".  OK here is the story.  An attorney from my office can marry people, so she did our wedding.  Only problem was that she could only preform the ceremony in this county, and we were actually going to get married in another county.  Long story short she married us the day before in my living room so it would be legal, and we did it again on the beach the next day.  We decided to make it a whole wedding weekend at the lake we like to camp at.  We invited EVERYONE, to bring their trailers/tents or whatever, and spend the weekend.  There was kegs of beer, everyone brought a dish so it was like one big pot luck, there was a huge bon fire, and nobody had to drive their drunken asses home.  They could just stumble back to their trailers or tents.  It was a lot of fun, and best thing was nobody had to dress up!  Considering this was a second marriage for both of us, we decided to be casual.  It was a blast.

On Monday the hubby asked me if, since he was taking me to S.F. for the weekend, I wasn't expecting anything today.  I said no, and I hope you weren't expecting anything either.  But secretly I was hoping for maybe a little surprise :(  Nothing big just an I love you, little thing ( I know I am a total typical girl).  But I am married to a neanderthal and should just be happy I got his ass to take me out of town for the weekend!  This morning didn't go so well.  First thing when I woke up, I get a "talking to"  I guess when my daughter went to get an otter pop from the garage freezer last night, she forgot to shut the freezer door.  Everything melted, thank god it wasn't much, but the corn dogs and fries, and the Costco size Kraft Cheese slices I just bought got trashed.  Damn weather if it wasn't like 95 here and actually fall like weather it probably would have been OK, but NOOOO.  Aside from that she left the garage light on for the third time in a row all night long.  OK you would think that was it right?  NOPE.  The dog decided she wanted a midnight snack, a rummaged through the garbage in the middle of the night.  UGH!  It will be a better day, it better be anyways.

OK I wanna address one really annoying thing.  I have never watched this show, and will not just on principal (and yes I watch a lot of crap TV, but I have standards people) .  These people are the biggest dumb fucks, I have ever come across.  The show is Sister Wives.  The only thing I have to say on it, since it's been eating up most of the Internet and TV news is, did you people REALLY think that you wouldn't have any legal backlash from flaunting you fucked up lifestyle on TV?  Are you really that fucking STUPID.  Apparently so.  TLC just lost a lot of respect from my house putting this SHIT on TV.  I am so DISAPPOINTED!

Yesterday I had to go serve this lady a Subpoena she's been trying to avoid.  She lives in one of the really nice neighborhoods, at the base of the mountain.  So I have to drive up quite a big hill to get there.  I park at the end of her steep driveway, get out ring bell, nobody home.  Go back to my car, get in and call the Secretary.  As I am leaving a message for her, and starring into the sun I noticed a burning oil smell coming from the piece of shit I drive.  This is not unusual, but the fact that I was seeing smoke billowing from under my hood was.  OH FUCK, I thought.  I could see the car actually breaking down, blocking this bitches driveway (oh Hi, here is your Subpoena, sorry you cant get into your garage my car is broken....uncomfortable).  I quickly started it up (thank god it did) and figured if it broke down at least I could coast down the hill.  I called the hubby and told him the situation, and his reply was is there oil in it?  I don't fucking know.  Didn't you check it last week when you asked me?  Uh no.  So I made it to work, popped the hood, checked the oil, and dip stick dry as a bone.  SHIT!  I had to drive to the nearest gas station buy oil and put it in.  I swear, this car will not give up.  I have been just waiting for it to break down so I have an excuse to get a new one early.  It never gets the oil changed (only when I remember to actually add the oil to it) I am surprised it hasn't blown up yet.  It just takes a lickin and keeps on ticking, this is the total Timex of cars I swear.  There is weird sounds coming from every nook and cranny when I drive it, but yet it keeps going.  I have to say I got my moneys worth out of this thing!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Hey that sounds like a great wedding to have and a great place to have it so there is room for everyone. Sorry about your morning.

    Okay being from Utah, the whole polygamist thing isn't such a big deal as it is with those who are not from Utah. I find it hysterical that a thing I have become accustomed do, it so foreign to others. I am sitting here thinking "Um okay so what's the big deal about sister wives?" Then I read everyone elses comments and realize "Oh yeah, I forgot, I am from the planet that is Utah!" Oh how I despise Utah and glad that I moved to the great state of Colorado.

    Sorry about the car? Oh and was that chick there so you can serve her?

  2. Yeah Utah is an interesting (to say the least) state. It's not a matter of polygamy that bugs me. It's the fact that these people are stupid enough to think that it wouldnt be a problem going on national TV to broadcast it to the entire world. I mean come on!

    Good question on whether that lady got served. I sent one of the monions to do it before I left last night. I will find out this morning!

    I LOVE Colorado BTW! It is beautiful there. Godd choice on a place to move too!