Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Letting Go!

All I can say is it's been an interesting week so far and it's only Tuesday!  First off, Saturday wasn't as bad as I had thought.  My son, who didn't want to ride the horse said he wanted to go and just watch, which was fine with me.  Then at the last minute he gets into one of his male PMS moods and doesn't want to go period.  Whatever, stay with your dad.  One less kid to worry about anyways.  So on our way down to the party, we stopped at the swim center in town, not my town, but the next, because they have this really nice indoor pool, with a mezzanine that looks over the pools and water slides, that you can have birthday parties at.  So we booked that and the kids will be having their parties together this year in an attempt to save some money.  And their Birthdays are only a week apart anyways soooo, makes it easier for mom.  We got to the horse thing and my daughter had a lot of fun, other then the constant smell of horse shit sitting there for 3 hours, it wasn't all that bad.  I didn't even complain about having to drive that far, I was nice and she brought us some magazines to read while we waited.  My daughter now wants a horse :(

We made our reservations for our trip, woo hoo!  Two more weeks and were out of here, I cant wait!  I set out to make the reservations on Saturday so he couldn't back out at the last minute, (hehehe) so were set and ready to get the hell out of here and go have some fun!  God knows we need it.

On Sunday we went over to moms cause he still has a few minor things to do over there, so we decided to do some more decorating shopping.  She got all her bathroom accessories, and stuff for her walls.  God I love Ross, you cant beat their prices on pictures and whatnot's.  I even got myself a fantastic pair of boots to wear with my skinny jeans, yay me.

So we have been going back and forth on this whole house situation.  Do we let it go or don't we?  Well the final verdict came yesterday.  I got the address for the place that supposedly our bank set up to help homeowners.  HA, what a fucking joke and a half.  He went in to talk to the lady and because we have one of those fantabulous adjustable rate mortgages, that the banks were handing out like candy 5 years ago, meanwhile fucking half the population when the rates went up.  Hell we refinanced once already into the same god damn thing, only this time it was fixed for 7 years (oh thank you countrywide for making me never want to own another house) and not 2.  So basically the lady told us we are screwed, and that they can modify our existing loan, but would have to refinance in 2 years anyways to make it a fixed loan.  Well now that our credit is all shot to shit, that aint going to happen, plus even if it wasn't, our house now appraises 100k lower then what we owe.  So bye bye house.  Anyone going through this knows what I'm talking about.  So my plan........live there rent free till they kick my ass out.  I wonder how much money I will be able to stock pile in that time?  I'm guessing a butt load since I pay way to much in house payments for the crap shack I live in.  So I'm giving BofA the big F-U, you will fuck me no more!

And now the girl has the stomach flu.......I'm sure we will all end up with it now. :(


  1. Yay! I am so happy that you are getting to "get away" quite jealous, haha!

    Sorry about the house situation. I have yet to ever own one, so I can't say that I understand, but still sucky.

  2. This trip has been a long time coming!

    And you know it's just a house, home ownership is not all it's cracked up to be. There will always be a place to live, now I just dont have to worry if something breaks how am I going to fix it. I'll just call the landlord! Win Win!