Thursday, September 23, 2010

2 posts in one day, arent you lucky!

OK so I don't usually do this, because I really don't have tons to talk about, but I think this needs to be addressed while it's still fresh in my mind.  I just finished the LAMEST fucking book EVER!  I have read some crap in the last few years, but this takes the fucking CAKE!  And why I am so upset you ask.  OK here is why.  I was perusing boarders new releases back in July.  I often do this to look for new shit to read.  As soon as I find something that strikes my fancy, I put it on a list I have created on our libraries website.  This way I can add to the holds list, they pull it for me, put it on a shelf, where I can quickly go in and retrieve it without having to look through tons of CRAP for the book I want.  I know lazy huh, anyways This crap book is called The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. I have had it on hold for so long, and I have been so excited to read it, and I was so happy and blissful, when I finally got the email after 3 months of waiting that it was in.  The synopsis of the story is this (according to Boarders)  A story about a women, who feels emotions in food.  Basically whomever made the food she feels their sadness, excitement, etc..  OK, so, being as how I LOVE all things paranormal, this seemed like the PERFECT read for me.  WRONG, on so many levels.  I would like to know, was this chick on acid when she wrote this?  The base story line was good, until she actually started to tell the story.  Most of it took place when she was 9 and her mom made her a lemon cake for her birthday.  She felt extreme sadness when she ate it (mom was very unhappy I guess)  Later she finds out mom is having an affair through her roast beef dinner (dad never was aware?)  Brother keeps disappearing mysteriously.  And for longer periods of time throughout the book.  Mom and brother have weird, and semi incestuous (seemed like it to me anyways) relationship.  Turns out brother is turning himself into furniture?????  The end!  SUCK FEST, WASTE OF MY FUCKING TIME.  This lady has NO business writing even a fucking check.

OK, I feel better now. 

I did start to read Shit my Dad Says, FUCKING AWESOME!  I needed something light after the crap I just put myself through for 4 days. 

Oh and on one last note:

When did this happen?

Dennis Quaid is a senior citizen?  HOLY SHEEP SHIT BATMAN.  There are just no words!!!!


  1. Hmmmm I am now interested in this book that is not worthy of being published on the pages that it is typed upon...

  2. I am your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the warning on the shitty book. LOL All I can say is Better you than me, better you than me:)LOL just kidding. You've saved us all from wasting our time. I love your blog voice, very witty and dripping with it! Can't wait to read more. Happy MOthering!