Thursday, September 9, 2010

Could Anything Else Possibly Go Wrong Today?

You know I have to keep asking myself this same fucking question over and over again.......WHY ME?  Who could I have possibly fucked over in a previous life to deserve this karmic F-U?  It seems no matter what I do, something always ends up screwing me in the end.  Am I alone on this?  I keep coming up with the same answer.  I figure if I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all.  Like take for example this very minute.  I have been minding my p's and q's all day, working, not fucking around as usual, and the one time (like writing this), that will be the time the boss needs to come into this office and catch me.....lets say not working.  Huh and you know this all started this morning when I tried to get on my lap top at home.  Got up, got my coffee, got back into bed and decide I need to check my emails (OK, OK, I had to play froniterville) and the Internet wouldn't connect.  So I check the other lap top, nothing.  So I think maybe it needs to be closer to my computer.  Take it, set it right on the desk in front of my home computer and shut everything down, even the whatever you call it that makes the Internet work, and still nothing.  So I call Mr. DMV and is like WTF?  He says he cant get to it until Saturday.  UGH!  Great now hubby is going to be pissed when he finds out his computer doesn't work.

So there was a little snafu with our company letterhead.  They spelled one of the names wrong in the web address, down at the very bottom, in the smallest print imaginable.  And who of all people notice it?  Blondie, yep the same women who cant speak the English language right.  Figures.  You should hear some of the crap that comes out of her mouth, for example: the word slipknot, OK easy enough, her translation, snipcock?  Oh and here's one for you, the word blog, her translation blob.  So as I sit here blobbing so to speak, I wonder how in the fuck did she even notice it.  So it's my BFF's dad's shop that did the work.  She works there as well.  So I call her and am like there's a big mistake, she's like oh crap I'll fix it.  OK I say, tell the boss, makes her happy.  So she calls me this morning and says I don't have the paper, but have one slightly lighter then what you have, I say fine whatever, they wont notice anyways.  Her hubby drops it off and wouldn't you know it, I am on break and the boss sees it, checks it out, and yay, it still has the same mistake aaannnndd the paper is like 10 shades lighter.  Now she's pissed.  I don't entirely blame her, but crap, no, I get the backlash.......thanks BFF.  So third times a charm on this one I hope she gets it right this time.

So my grandma was suppose to have the girl tonight.  But now she has the stomach flu.  DAMN IT!  Oh yeah and I have her all weekend this weekend.  I'll have to remember to thank my great aunt for that.  Oh and for having her grand daughters birthday party half an hour away from town just to go to some ranch so the kids can ride horses.  I know your thinking ooohhh, that sounds like so much fun for the kids.  Yeah it does, but what about me?  I have to sit there for four fucking hours picking my nose cause your fat ass grand daughter wants to ride a horse?  Oh yeah and your totally ruining my entire Saturday, not to mention.  Oh and don't think you wont hear a lot of complaining from me, just like you bitched about my kids party at the bounce house place last year.  Oh sorry I had to have it on the same day as the fucking pumpkin patch, but I have two kids with birthdays one week apart, that was the only day available bitch.  And your retarded ass grand kids had a blast.  Not that I care, I hate those kids.  Ugh, more black sheep, like we don't have enough.  You know it's not like I care that I have the girl all weekend it's just, they fight like cats and dogs and when she goes to her dads house for the weekend it's a nice break for all of us.  That's the only upside to being divorced.  Hey if I divorce my hubby now I could stick him with the boy all weekend and be totally free.  AAAHHH don't you just love those pipe dreams.

Oh yeah so I forgot to mention my hubby got an I phone, cause his work switched to AT&T.  He's all excited about it and is like "everyone says it's so easy to use"  (snicker) Yeah if your not electronically challenged, like yourself.  He thought getting a touch screen phone was a great idea about a year and a half ago.  Didn't work out so well.  He HATED it.  So I say to him, when you get pissed off in a couple of weeks, I will be glad to take it off your hands for you.  I haven't renewed my contract yet and that way you can just go get yourself  (this is his list of demands from a phone) a phone with big buttons and a large screen, and a loud speaker.  I was half tempted to get him one of those phones for old people, you know the Jitterbug.  Hey it met all his requirements and plus he didn't even have to enter phone numbers himself, the operator does it for you.  HAHAHA, god he's old.  Gonna hit the big 41 next year, time for bifocals, and some depends.

Cant wait to she what kind of shit is in store for me when I get home tonight.  Well I can bet the girl will be all pissy cause her plans got all fucked up.  Lets see if dickhead can piss his dad off anymore tonight about the ongoing do I have to pay 200.00 to his oceanography class or just 100.00 since he doesn't need the scuba equipment because our friend lent him his debate (this has been going on for a week now) aannndd my daughter just called and is like why isn't grandma picking me up?  She was suppose to be here a while ago.  Well she's sick, (insert whinny girl voice here) WWWWWHHHHHYYYY?  Uh because she's throwing up and shitting her ass off that's why.  Her reply 'well is she still going to the party"  That's like 2 days away, can we talk about this later?  I'm busy blobbing.  I can see tonight is going to SUCK!!!!!


  1. Wow! I am so sorry to hear about your day :( It seems to be a week for that, month maybe year? From the grand land of blogs, I am so sorry!

  2. thanks, I hope it was just the day, and not going to be the entire month. I am telling myself today will be great. Hopefully I'm not fooling myself.