Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh the Weekend!

I swear, I wish Saturday never happened.  I had this really weird dream about this girl, who I knew ages ago.  We were best friends, inseparable, since the 5th grade.  She was like the sister I never had, until we got into high school.  Things kind of fizzled out and she went with her crowd, and I went with mine.  Trust me I went with the WRONG crowd in school.  So I couldn't really blame her.  We were still friends, but not as close as we once were.  Anyways, I had contacted her a few times over the years.  She called me when her mom died.  And really hadn't talked to her since.  I did find her on facebook a couple of years ago and asked how things were.  To which I had got the reply of "how the hell are you".  I emailed her, told her that my dad had passed and nothing.  I gave up, then 6 months later she emails me and said sorry, but she hasn't had time to read all her emails and asked me once again "how the hell are you"?  I replied with a short email, that things were good, and that was about it.  Then I decided to send a message stating, hey I thought you were going to answer your emails?  To which I got deleted about 2 months later.  It didn't really bother me at all, I moved on.  So when I had this dream it really upset me.  I was pissed and hurt, I guess, and it ruined my whole day.  (God I think the PMS is back)  I was snapping everyones head off, pissed off the hubby to the point were he didn't even want to be in the same room as me.  I was happy when I got to go to bed and didn't have to be a raging BITCH anymore.

I had a better day on Sunday, I slept in till 8, and woke up in a MUCH better mood.  I even made breakfast, and sat around in my jammies until 1:30.  We watched the race, which was pretty exciting and then decided to get out of the house for a bit.  He has been obsessed with looking at rentals now.  So we decided to drive through a few neighborhoods that I would like to be in to see whats out there when we get booted.  We went to the ice cream place and had some ice cream for lunch.  YUM!  Then he says to me what store do you want to go to?  Oh yes more shopping.  I said, well since we are on this end of town why don't we hit Costco for a few things.  OMG!  His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.  OK here is the story of why he is no longer allowed in Costco by himself or have a card of his own.  On my son's 4th birthday I asked him to go pick up the tray of sandwiches I ordered from Costco.  He came back with a dune buggy instead.  A $1500.00 dune buggy.  That he charged.  And every time he went there, he charged no less then $500.00 at a time.  So I cancelled my account.  Had my mom put me on hers, and he is no longer allowed to go there by himself.  I control the Costco runs.  When I said the word Costco, you know when you say the word biscuit or treat to a dog, and they start spazing out and getting all excited and you can just hear them saying in that scooby doo voice "treat, yes treat, I want a treat, I a good dog"  Well imagine that when I brought up Costco.  "Costco, yes Costco, I want to go to Costco, I such a good boy"  3 hours and $300.00 later.  OY, this is why I don't ever bring up Costco.

Today has been interesting so far.  I was informed by the Bipolar minion, that her 14 year old son has the chicken pox and she has never had them.  Fantastic, another excuse for her to call in.  I swear she better not ruin my vacation I have been looking forward to.  Oh and my phone should be here today, so I can be mobile and blog!  YAY!


  1. Sorry about the Saturday thing, I too was bitchy but I still have no reason as to why. Hmmm. Glad the weekend went better for you though! I am laughing at the Costco thing, I can see myself going there for certain things, but not enough to have a membership. Yay! for the phone. Sorry about the co-worker, I think you should just go on your vacation any way! =D

  2. I know who you are referring to in the first part of your blog. :( I'm sorry. I never realized her abandonment hurt you so much. I had completely forgotten about her person until you mentioned it. You reached out, you were there. She wasn't. It says far more about your person than hers. Julie and I had a similar thing after her sister passed...we exchanged #'s, but it was the awkward silence,that sealed it. We simply outgrew one anothers company. Don't let dreams of the past hurt you. :) -Robynne