Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Tooth Fairy!

The tooth Fairy robbed my daughter to pay my son.  He lost his second top tooth last night, of course I didn't have anything but a ten in my wallet.  And the Hubby had nothing but cob webs in his.  So he says great what are we going to do?  I went into my daughters room and borrowed a buck from her.  I'll give it back (if I don't forget)  That tooth was no way worth ten bucks.  So I went and put it on my dresser and my son found it and was like look I found a dollar, I was like hey put that back.  I'm just glad he didn't put two and two together this morning when he found that buck under his pillow.

On the way to school my friends little girl tells my son that her parents are rich.  His reply to that was "I'm rich, I got more money then my mom, and I'm just a child"  I thought it was funny cause he referred to himself as "a child"  The shit that comes out of their mouths sometimes cracks me up!

I got home last night and WHOA, my Husband actually did the dishes.  Since I went to the gym on Tuesday night I got lazy, when I got home and decided nnaaahhh, it can wait until tomorrow.  He must have taken some time out of his busy house hunting schedule to do them.  So we are giving fish (which I love and he does not) another try.  I got some panko breaded talapia from the all mighty Costco.  And decided instead of baking it I decided (cause I like it crispy) we should deep fry it.  MISTAKE!  We haven't used our deep fryer in over a year, and couldn't get the damn lid off.  Finally we pried it off and commenced operation clean.  OMG!  I scrubbed that thing for an hour, finally got irritated, threw most of it in the dishwasher in hopes the scolding hot water would melt away some of the oil.  It worked pretty well, but didn't end up eating until like 8.  It was worth it though.  It came out nice and crispy.  My hubby is checking out the tarter sauce that I bought, and was like, I don't think I like this stuff.  Then he reads the label and gives it a try.  He says wow, you cant even taste the fish with this stuff.  What have you like been living under a rock, never having tarter sauce?  Needless to say we will be having it again.

I get to fill in for the receptionist for the next two days.  WOO HOO.  Two days of nothing but reading.  Wow I can hear a secretary actually yelling at a client from the conference room in the back.  That cant be good!

Well the boss is in so gotta run!  TA TA!

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  1. Yay for the dishes being done. I am with your hubby on the fish thing though, YUCK! Haha! I don't like tartar sauce either so no helping with that. Kids do say the darndest things sometimes that make you smile, and it's great!