Wednesday, September 15, 2010


OK, I could possibly be a bit of an electronic retard just like the hubby.  Thanks to my dear friend, lets just call her curly, she has suckered me into Twitter.  "Oh you should really get into this, it's great".  I think I had checked it out once before when it first happened on the scene, but thought better of it.  So while on my break, I decided to pop out my phone and check it out.  I finished my book and due to the assholes that don't return their shit on time at the library, I have nothing to read at the moment.  Thus nothing to do on my breaks at work.  So anyways as I am straining to read the 3x3 screen of my phone (yes it's the size of a small post it, I checked)  it makes me sign up for an account before I can look anyone up.  FINE, I do that, and figure out how to follow curly.  I think I am replying to one of her posts, but end up posting something myself.  UGH, you know I really blame my generations (oh god did I really just say that) computer classes that I was forced to take in high school.  See, computers were just getting popular when I was a wee girl and we were forced to take computer classes on those 1985 apple computers, it was the 90's for god's sake.  Thus, leaving me to my own instincts, and various jobs to learn how to use it.  Boy I figured out how to play solitaire first thing.  I can get around, and if I need to actually do something like post a link or whatever I just ask and tend to remember how I did it the last time after I was shown.  Trust me, I'm even lucky that this blog is up and running.  When I get home I guess I will check it out further, on a bigger screen at least and maybe I can figure it out.  So look for me soon on twitter, unless I get pissed and delete the account or cant figure out how to post the link!  Oh yeah and this should give the hubby more to bitch being on the computer WAAAY to much.  "Are you playing that fucking game again?"  Hey it's not my fault the makers of Frontierville are geniuses.  They really know how to suck you in!

The girl is feeling better today.  She stayed at my Grandma's house last night.  We try and keep the sickness contained, so we all don't get it.  I called this morning and she told me she was still asleep.  Wow, I said, I guess she went to bed at 7.  Whoa, that's unusual for her, she is such a night owl.  I said OK, just call me when she gets up.  She called back at 9 this morning.  That girl slept 14 hours.  She is feeling better though and will be back to school tomorrow.

Since the hubby wont part with his new IPhone, I am bugging him to get me one too.  I didn't think it would take this long for him to hate it, but he maybe he's just doing it to irritate me.  I know he keeps getting frustrated trying to use it, and keeps asking me to help him, but I am just as dumb as he is and keep telling him I don't know.  I think since we have to go to the store tonight for some stuff, I will try to butter him up, and just happen to suggest we go to wal-mart for the crap where an AT&T store is conveniently located in the same parking lot.  Maybe I can get dinner out of him too, hopefully the chicken is still frozen.....fingers crossed.

We have decided to see Alcatraz while in S.F. in a couple weeks.  Did I mention how excited I am for like the millionth time.  Just tell me to shut up.  I got on the website last night and he's really been wanting to see it for a while, so that is on our agenda for sure.  I did check out some restaurants on the wharf and so much yummy seafood available I am going to be in heaven.  I cant wait!!!

Well we hit the gym (mom and I) for the first time in over a month last night.  HUH, I would have rather stayed home on the couch.  We decided to put the gym on hold during the renovation.  It was tough, let me tell you, but I really needed it, cause the pants are getting a smidge snug.  And I don't want my ass reverting back to JLo's twin sister ass.  Hell it felt good to wear a bikini this year and not have my ass crack almost coming out of my bottoms because my ass was a little toooo plump.  So I must maintain!  It is worth it!

Happy hump day!


  1. I am glad that the little one is feeling better. I tried the whole twitter thing, and yeah that was a one time deal, never again. Alcatraz should be fun, it is haunted you know. I need to get my ass to the gym, well and the rest of me. Congrats on going back.

  2. I know, I am obsessed with ghost hunters or any other show about ghosts. To bad we didnt have time to do a night tour!