Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Someone needs to be slapped into reality!

And it sure ain't me.  My husband, who is worse then a kid is driving me bonkers.  Yes, were ditching the house, and yes we will have to move. EVENTUALLY.  Not at this very second.  He is on the computer looking at rentals, he is driving around neighborhoods looking for rentals (he circled one block so many times last weekend, I'm sure the neighbors thought we were casing the place)  STOP IT.  And the worst thing is he took the day off of work (cause he didn't feel good) SURE, he's fine, and has been driving around all morning looking at houses.  AAAANNNDDD he's been calling me telling me about ones he has found.  UGH!  WE. ARE. NOT. READY.  How many times do I have to say it, before he gets it through his big fat head?  I know for a fact I have at least 6 months before I have to move.....AT LEAST!  So I calmly said why are you looking?  It's going to be a while.  I got hung up on.  This morning started out fine, it's the rest of the afternoon that seems to be slightly wearing on me.  I mean it's bad enough I know I have to swallow my pride and do this but (and it hasn't been easy) I don't need to do this right at this very second.  Do I?  He played hooky from work, I went to work like a good girl, I said well since your home take me to lunch.  To which I get the reply of "we just spent all that money on food, and now you wanna go out?"  Forget it, I went home, which on my way, almost hit a car who decided it was her turn to go, then got stuck behind some grey hair driving 5 miles and hour, with a flat tire.  So I finally made it home ate my leftover chicken fettuccine, a hostess cupcake (which I got chocolate on my pants) and finished it off with a cookie, and not just any cookie, the giant ones from Costco, with the macadamia nuts and white chocolate.  Needless to say I'm full, but feel better.  Thank god I go to the gym.

Last night, my son decided to change his costume from Harry Potter (easy, robe, stick, and glasses) to Darth Maul (great now I have to get all inventive) My Daughter sat in front of the computer admiring the "Vampire Queen" costume for 3 hours.  Actually looks exactly like her drawing, minus the tiara.  My son decided to do a drawing of his own.  I forgot to take pictures, but it was 6 different pieces of paper with one piece of the costume drawn on each.  Like shoes on one, mask on the other, light saber (which vaguely looked like a penis with a black handle around the middle)  You get the picture.  It kept them quiet, and I got them to clean their rooms at least.  Now I don't have to worry about stepping on some random toy and tripping when I go to wake them up.

Oh yes and I forgot about this.  So I go to get the kids from school yesterday after I got off.  Always checking the playground to see if that's where they are.  It's a pain in the ass when their there because I have to walk around half the school and back to my car when their out there.  So anyways, I see them coming back from the playground, So I go into the lunchroom, grab their backpacks and wait by the car.  My son walks up with a jacket in hand.  I say who's jacket is that?  He says someone left it on the playground.  I say OK, well why don't you run and put it in the lost and found.  I thought he was going to lose it, he says I asked everyone and it doesn't belong to anyone I just wanna keep it.  I said well, some little boy probably forgot it at recess and might be looking for it tomorrow, so you need to go put it in the lost and found.  He was NOT budging on this, he was bound and determined to take that sucker home.  So after a minute of deciding on whether or not I wanted to keep arguing with him in the parking lot, I decided to give up and let his dad handle it.  I got home and said tell your dad what you got.  He handed it to me and said here wash this so I can wear it.  I explained to his dad what happened and said try and get him to take it back to school.  This ended up in a bribe to get him a new one just like it.  He took it back this morning, now I'm going to have to find it's twin.  UGH!

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  1. I am so sorry. It's the dominate alpha-male syndrome I believe. Hunt, gather and support. Hopefully you can shake some reality into his brain!