Friday, September 17, 2010


Fuck!  It's been a morning already.  The only upside is it's Friday.  First off I was totally running late this morning.  I took like a five minute shower and yelled at the kids to get up, brushed my teeth at super speed and threw the kids their clothes for the day, then continued to yell for 20 minutes for them to get dressed while I finished getting ready.  FINALLY, their asses got dressed and teeth brushed.  Then I made them some waffles for breakfast. My daughter came out and sat down and my son (the good child) was nowhere to be found.  I yelled for him, and he's like "WHAT" I said "what are you doing"?  He says "watching TV".  I try and calmly say (but ends up not) "get your ass in here and eat your waffle".  Instantaneous shut down.  He comes out and sits on the couch, refusing to eat.  What the hell is it with boys?  They are moodier than a chick with PMS.  I say go eat, we need to leave.  No response, just that you bitch stare I often get.  Then he gets up and stomps off to his room.  Oh great.  I go in there and is like whats wrong.  Still no talking.  He finally says I wanted oat meal.  OH CRAP!  That's right he did tell me that last night, and I forgot.  I said I was sorry, really trying to hold it together.  I said I cant make you oat meal cause we are out of milk.  I just used the last of it for my cereal.  I started with a bribe.  I say OK we will get whatever you want for dinner tonight if you just go eat the waffle.  I say I'll get you a happy meal.  That wasn't good enough.  He says I don't want the toy, I keep getting the same thing.  I said we will go wherever you want for dinner I promise.  It took a few minutes but he eventually got up and ate the fucking waffle. 

Now on to AT&T is really trying my patience.  So I ordered my phone Wednesday night, on line, on their website.  Before it would let me check out it made me switch my Internet plan over to an IPhone plan.  Well OK, but I don't have the phone yet so that seems kind of dumb, but whatever.  So I get to thinking, well if I switched the data plan, then I am going to get charged when I connect from my STILL current phone.  OK Everyone still with me on this, cause it seems to be confusing the reps over there when I call.  So yesterday morning I call, and explain what I just told you to the guy, twice, maybe it was three times, cant remember cause I'm flustered at the moment.  He finally gets it, I say until I get the phone in the mail and activate it, I want to be able to still use the Internet on my current phone without being charged, because I already paid the bill this month and paid for the service.  Pretty simple don't you think?  I guess their system was updating at the time I called, so he couldn't get any of my account info.  He did make a note on the account, and all was good until about 2 p.m.  I hit the net button, because I still have nothing to read on my breaks, so I am trying to STILL figure out twitter and it's killing time.  NOTHING, connection failed.  So I try 5 more times, same deal.  UGH!  My battery was dying anyways so I though it might be that might be it.  I got home and plugged in the phone and this morning tried again.  FAILED.  So once again I call, explain 10 fucking times to this idiot whats going on and now I have NO Internet.  Turns out,  they had my phone being an IPhone, and the step bastards phone as my propel.  I said NO, that's not right.  I think he was dicking me around because they know perfectly well which phone I am using by the sim card.  I'm not dumb, RETARD.  So after he fixes (or pretends to) the problem, he restores my Internet usage to what it was.  I think once I get the phone, I am going down to the store and having them fix it correctly, instead of dealing with those fucks over the phone.

Homework took FOREVER last night.  Aside from the regular stuff she had, she had to do all the class work too while she was out.  Keeping her sitting for that long last night was a chore to say the least.  But, alas, it got done and we sat down to watch a really stupid movie last night.  The killers, it wasn't even funny.  Scratch it off your list.  And she waited for me to come home from the gym last night to even start it.  She could have had most of it done while I was gone.  The funny thing was I actually had to google one of her spelling words, cause NONE of us had ever heard of the word.  I cant even remember what the hell it was, come to think of it.  Some long ass word that was probably popular in the 1800's that nobody uses anymore.

I finally got the email that my book was ready at 3:00 yesterday afternoon.  This was the one I've had on hold since July, that whomever had it didn't return it on time.  So now I'm back to having something to read at break time.  I just enjoy the 15 minutes of silence, while reading my book.  I haven't formed an opinion yet on this one, seeing as how I'm only 30 pages into it.  I'll have to read further.  So far it's not a I don't wanna put it down one yet.  Maye that's why it took the last reader so long to return it.......It probably sucked!

Yesterday I was messing around trying to put the follow me on twitter widget, thingy on here.  I finally found one I could actually do and went on without a hitch.  Only problem is they have twitter blocked at work so I couldn't check it.  This morning I remembered to see if it worked and clicked the thingy, and it took me to some guys page with the name of rajalacka or something to that effect.  I was like OH CRAP!  I tried to delete the widget and it didn't work.  Then I got the idea of checking the thing you have to copy and paste to make it work.  AAAHHHH, there it is I just replaced his name with mine and VIOLA, it works now.  YAY, I'm not as dumb as I thought.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Oh good graciousness woman! I need a drink after reading that and it's only Noon! Haha! I hope your day gets better. Good luck with the Twitter thing, I don't even want to bother with it. =D

  2. I know, no kidding huh! I think I will stick it out at least for a while, just to give it a chance. Have a good weekend!