Thursday, September 2, 2010

This is it.

Last night after picking up the kids and dropping the girl off at my moms, we went home and started on the boys first thing of homework.  He had to draw a picture of himself, write his name and write something that he thought was special about him.  Well after a minor fight about what color a brown crayon is, he's 7 and he knows his colors, so I don't know what the problem was.  He pulls like every color out of the box from red, green, to purple and says what color is this?  Is it brown?  NO, finally I got irritated and went over pulled the brown out of the box and said this is brown.  It still baffles me this morning, I am starting to wonder if he's color blind or just lazy.

So I tried a new thing last night with the nightly chicken.  I have been growing a bunch of stuff in the garden this year and thought I'd go all gourmet and make some pesto.  I found a recipe that was for over chicken and gave it a whirl.  It came out pretty good, and it was easy, however it called for a little to much lemon juice.  The look on my hubby's face was hysterical when he took his first bite.  Pucker up baby!  I think next time I will cut it in half, otherwise it was pretty tasty. 

It turned out to be a nice quiet night without the girl around.  Everyone relaxed, and there was no fighting, it was great.  So I brought up our anniversary, which is coming up at the end of the month.  Last year I wasn't in the mood and kind of poo pooed it (lucky him) but this year I want to do something.  I told him I wanted to go somewhere that was close, but not here.  Like a weekend getaway or something.  So he says like do you wanna get a room in Reno?  No, that sounds OK but really after the 15 minutes of my "wifely duty" then what are we going to do?  I can only walk around the same casinos so many times.  And then we get all bored and end up going to bed by like 8 or eating again cause there's nothing better to do.  So I suggested maybe going to San Francisco for the weekend.  It's not far and it's not here, or staying in Vallejo, and going to the amusement park.  He was actually on board with the ideas.  Thank God.  Now with everyones birthdays coming up in October and November, and then SUCKY Christmas, lets see if we actually save enough money to get to do this.  I really hope so cause I think it sounds like fun.  And we never do anything like that.  AAAANNNDDD  maybe I will be a good wife and give him a whole 30 minutes of the "wifely duty" this time.  :)

So I am off tomorrow, YES, thought I'd give myself a nice 4 day weekend.  Mom and I are going to see a movie tomorrow, then it's Red Lobster on Saturday night.  Woo Hoo.  And I might......might decide to clean the house on Monday,  depends on if I feel like moving from my computer or not.

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