Thursday, July 8, 2010

Are you F-ing Kidding me?

So Bipolar Minion showed up bright and early this morning to set up the conference room since I have to fill in for the receptionist who is at an appt. and since I cant be in 2 places at once I told her to get her ass in early so she could do it on Tuesday.  Wow, that day off she had yesterday really put her in an excellent mood this morning.  She is already bitching first thing.  I am really trying to avoid her so I don't rip her head off for yesterdays little stunt cause I'm still PISSED.  This ought to put Menopausal Minion in a great mood, considering she hates her.  God, I cant win. 

So last night we did the dreaded grocery shopping, and you all know how much I LOVE to shop with my Hubby.  It always starts off fine then half way through the store he gets pissy.  I am NOT going next time.  Between him and the boy I officially hate shopping.  But on the upside I did manage to save $90.00 with my coupons and club card, thank you mega meat sale.  Then it was home to eat pizza rolls (cause that was the quickest thing we could eat) and emerge myself in another fantastic episode of the second season of True Blood, in my bed.  Did I tell you how much I love that's seriously like B porn.....Fantastic.

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  1. I am getting the second season this next payday and will hybernate for the whole weekend to watch it !! lol