Friday, July 9, 2010

Is trying to have a better day.

Well after yelling at half the office yesterday, I'm going to try to have a better day today.  Seeing as how it's Friday and all. 

I really cant believe how freaking STUPID some people can be.  After busting my ass getting these heavy ass book shelves up the stairs (it wouldn't fit in the elevator) shimming them so they would sit properly against the wall, (that took 20 minutes just trying to get them positioned right) and dealing with these god awful shelves that I had to beat on and tweak with a screwdriver just to get the fucking things off the clips to adjust the shelf (while baldy(asshole attorney) was yelling I was making to much noise and people were on the phone, yeah fuck you pal, you think you can do this any quieter be my guest).  I tell Blondie that I will come and trim the cardboard shims once she puts everything on the bookcases, so that way they wont show.  Menopausal minion comes down about half hour later and says giant head (the I think I'm better then everyone attorney) is complaining in Blondie's ( his secretary) office that the cardboard looks tacky.  I get up, march my pissed ass up there and say BLONDIE I told you I would trim the damn cardboard when you got everything back on the shelves.  Then I notice on the one case that the shim I spent 20 minutes trying to get right is pushed back, not even in the right position (pretty much half way underneath the case).  I turned to her and said who moved this?  Blondie trying to back pedal stutters and says uh I uh nobody moved it.  Do you think I'm dumb?  Does my hair look blond to you? (no offense to you blonds out there) SOMEONE MOVED THIS!  And now the damn bookcase is wobbly.  So I trimmed the other one, said see now you cant even see it, and it's nice and stable, and be careful pulling shit off that other case cause it's going to fall over and walked away.  Came down bitched to my computer genie a little, grabbed my purse and left.  I Left early for everyone's well being, because someone might have gotten themselves chocked.

I also had some words with Bipolar Minion, yes because I was still mad about the call in.  It might have involved the words Bitch and Slap, but that's all I'll say.

Then I get home after having to take a detour because they closed the street to get to camp, (why, why does this shit happen to me)  I dropped off my son before picking up my daughter and I get the third degree from the insecure bastard I reside with.  "Why did you go out of your way to come home to drop him off and then have to go get the girl, it seems kind of weird that you wouldn't just go pick her up then come home"  because I knew you were home dumb shit and asked the boy if he wanted to go with me or come home, he chose home.  "Well how did you know I was even home?"  Because, I saw the guy you get a ride with at the gas station.  Anymore questions?  Would you like to water board me too, to make sure I'm telling the truth.....FUCK!  And that was not the end of it either, he called this morning to tell me "you didn't say you were at the Iraqi shack that's way out of the way from camp so you went there, drove all the way on the other side of town then came back dropped off the boy and then went to the other side of town to pick up the girl.  YES, YES I DID.  Because I had to buy smokes and that's the cheapest place to get them.  And that folks brought up the whole cigarette debate.  I'm sure I will have to deal with the smoking nazi when I get home tonight.....YAY me!

I'm going to have a good day, I'm going to have a good day, I'm going to have a good day, I'm going to have a good day.


  1. Oh girl, you SO crack me up! I left you a lil' sumpthin, sumpthin on my blog today, check it out when you get a chance!