Sunday, July 11, 2010

ahhh the weekend!

So in an attempt to sleep in yesterday we shut the windows, blinds, and what ever else we could close down to TRY to sleep in.  HA, fat chance, the idiot left the bathroom window open to draw the swamp cooler air into our room so it wasn't sweltering while we slept.  For those of you unaware of what a swamp cooler is.......its a cheap air conditioner that uses water and a fan, for us west coasters in the dry climate.   Anyhooo, those god damn birds started chirping a 5:30 in the morning, are you kidding me, if I only had a BB gun......
So I got up and made the coffee.  It didn't help that I also fell a sleep at 8:30 on Friday night, I know, I know, I must stop all the partying.

So after a day of doing absolutely NOTHING, we, or he rather, decided we needed to go shoe shopping for him.  YAY, more shopping with you, cant wait.  After 3 stores we finally ended up at Wal-Mart where he tried on, and bought 4 pairs of shoes.  (me shaking my head)  That was 2 hours of my life I'll never get back, but the promise of dinner afterwards lured me away from my comfy couch and book.  Dinner was pretty good.  We met my mom, brother, sis in law, and nephew.  OK I am going to bitch a little about my sis in law aka Mrs. Granola.  My nephew is 8 1/2 months old, and cute and adorable rolly polly baby, his mother is a first time Mom, god help me.  This chick is the type that trys to make her own baby food, tastes all the baby food she gives him (um can you say fucking gross) and still has him attached to her boob, but just at night because she needs the bonding time with him.  Give it about a year and you will be doing anything you can to get away from your kid.  So sorry back to the point.  I have never seen this kid eat anything but squash, applesauce, and those Gerber puff thingies.  My Mom in an attempt to get her to actually feed the kids while we were out bought her some baby food, because he was trying to grab anything he could off the table (it was sad really)  So she opens a jar last night takes 4 scoops (with the baby spoon) and puts it on a lid and starts to feed him.  ?????, OK whats with the make shift plate?  She says, well he doesn't eat that much, huh?  I say, I look at my mom, who's rolling her eyes at me like don't start, but cant keep my mouth shut, so I say REALLY, he should be eating a whole jar by now right?  8 months old, I have 2 kids, I think, I hope I can remember.  She says well he just doesn't,  hhmmm OK whatever, so I watch, he's all excited.....arms flailing around like he's trying to fly away (did I mention how cute he is) she feeds him, it's all gone and he's whining for more.  She gets the jar back out, scoops out 2 more globs and gives him the rest.  Uh, baby still crying, I think he wants more, but one question first why don't you just feed him out of the jar instead of putting it on a Tupperware lid?  Because he doesn't eat it all she says (kind of bitchy by the way)  I said that's why it has a lid right?  So you can PUT IT BACK ON, if he doesn't finish it.  My brother turns and says because of the germs.....WTF did you just say? GERMS?  What his own?  My mother who is shaking her head and rolling her eyes more at me in a quiet attempt to shut me up, I guess because she had to drive home with them....hahaha.  So our food comes, baby still hungry and she starts giving him the puff things.  OK so you wont give him a whole jar of squash (healthy, nutrient) but she will feed him handfuls of those puffs (snack food, not dinner)  And I'm the crazy one.
So today my hubby went to work for a few hours (oh thank god) we went to breakfast this morning to a place I have always wanted to try, but in the 20 some odd years I have lived here, never have.  Well the food was good, the service sucked, she forgot the boy's french toast, dropped my hubby's sausage on the floor, then he bitched about it, so I'm sure he ate the floor sausage....hahaha, and they didn't take debit cards.  OK, WHOA, you don't take debit, she says no cash or check only.  CHECK?  Dude have I been time warped back to the 80's?  Nobody takes checks!  So Hubby had to run across the street to the bank, cause of course we don't have cash and we live in the 2000's and dont need to carry cash at all times, and I am NOT writing a fucking check. Pay and he tips her like 5 bucks.  I thought he should have left 2 maybe 3 at the most, but then again I decided not to bring up the floor sausage to him so we could just leave.  Well that's one place I guess I wont be eating at again. 

Well hope everyone has had a nice weekend.  Back to work and lets see what the Minions have in store for me this week!

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