Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What a crazy ass day!

I have been so freaking busy today.  But I am not complaining because my day has gone by really fast, and thank god for that.  My day started off with a run over to Yerington for work.  3 1/2 blissful hours in my car with my music blaring there and back.  It was funny because I kind of made the trip for nothing, seeing as how the secretary that sent me didn't have all the proper documents attached to her recording, but hey it's better then being stuck in the office.  Then my idiot Husband called me like 10 times today, and it wasn't a "hi, how are you, are you having a good day" conversation, it was mostly him yelling at me for something he did.  And you know what, I think I am going to stick to texting him only and not answering when he calls.  This is the reason, not that he's yelling, cause he's always flustered about something, but because when he pauses, like when I think it's my turn to speak now, he starts talking the minute I start to respond and then gets pissed at me for "interrupting him"  Hey fuck you pal, if you don't like it stop CALLING ME!  Anyways I did manage to get Bipolar Minions unemployed boyfriend a job as a laborer with my husband.  Good luck to him cause he's a DICK to work for I guess.  The first call this morning was to see if I knew anyone who wanted a job, because the laborer from yesterday didn't even last  24 hours, so I suggested Bipolars out of work boyfriend whose unemployment just ran out.  I know I a nice person (eye roll)

So seeing as how he in in such a wonderful mood today, I so look forward to going home tonight (cant you just hear all the sarcasm pouring from my sentence)  I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight.  We had chicken last night and all I have is more chicken....hhhuuuhhh, maybe burgers, or maybe he will be in the mood to run to the store and find something, HA yeah right.  Cereal it is!

So my daughter called me today to tell me how her vacation with Grandma is going.  2 whole weeks of an almost empty house.  I would have sent the boy too, but when those two get together it's like oil and water and I can barley stand them, so I don't want to make it difficult for her.  Anyways she went to Disneyland this morning, which for some reason didn't seem to be that excited about.  Then she tells me that they stopped at Wal-Greens for something and she saw "Hobo's" she tells me "they were just laying around it was kind of weird"  "Then we drove off and I saw more Hobo's digging through the trash"  The word "Hobo" could have only come from my Grandma, and I know we live in a somewhat small town and she's never experienced bums, but it was funny to hear her say it that way.  What are we like in the 1930's or something?  So anyways they are off to Knotts Berry Farm Tomorrow and then god knows what else. 

This weekend the family is doing the Relay for Life walk.  It's usually a fun night.  Your suppose to walk all night long, but I just stay as long as I can stay awake.  They light luminaries for all the survivors and loved ones lost.  My Dad passed away from cancer 4 years ago, my 14 year old cousin is in remission, and my 26 year old sis in law is going through treatment.  So this is important to me.  And it's a great way to honor those living and lost.

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