Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crap it's hot out.

Well after an excruciating LONG Friday, I came home managed to get into a small tiff with the Hubby, where he decided that he wasn't going to dinner with the family, so I took off with the boy and met up with my Mom to try this new bar and grill that popped up in town.  It really worked out in my favor because I had the biggest stuffed with blue cheese burger and garlic fries you could imagine.  It was F-ing AWESOME.  I was so stuffed and my belly was thanking me over and over again for not feeding it more chicken.  And a little treat for the hubby of horrid breath from the delicious garlic fries when I got home.  Your welcome.  That will teach you to stay home next time!

So it's off to the Relay for Life tonight.  And of course it has to occur on the hottest fucking day of the year here.  I am hoping it will cool off a bit later tonight.  Fingers crossed.  But I am not going to complain to much, it is for a good cause.

I actually slept in this morning.  YAY, I made it to 8.  I did avoid going to bed at 8:30 and made it till 10 last night.  We got a call from his Dad this afternoon, who said he was coming for a visit in 2 weeks.  Man now I actually have to really clean the house and not just spot clean like usual.  Oh well it will be nice to see them anyways.  Well happy weekend all.  

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