Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy weekend.

So lets start off with Friday.  Bipolar minion called in sick.  When I told menopausal minion this her mood suddenly turned into a fantastic one.  It's a good thing Friday was slow cause I would have had to ream her a new asshole on Monday.  Migraine my ASS.  And to top it all off she just informed me that the government gravy train has stopped, which means boyfriends unemployment ran out, time to get a JOB!

Saturday was nice, got the lawn mowed, went to Wal-Mart for some much needed makeup.  I was scraping the last little bit I had left.  Then it was off to dinner at the Olive Garden....MMMMM, it was sooooo gooood.  Then went to Scheels.  It's like Cabala's, or Bass Pro Shops for anyone that was wondering.  We took mouthy on the Ferris wheel, and He and my Hubby did the NASCAR simulator.  They had fun.

Sunday we took the boat out to the lake for the day.  It was F-ing HOT.  I was trying to recover some of my tan when my armpits started dripping.  They never do that, I was like I guess it's time to go for a swim.  We met some friends of ours out there that had been camping for the weekend.  I swear these people have to find the sandiest area and park their shit there.  My Hubby had to pull them all out when they went home.  Then my Brother showed up with his wife and my Nephew, then her Mom and Step dad, with their totally embarrassing, white trash, poop deck pappy of a boat.  Really this is the biggest piece of crap boat ever, it has bar stool seats glued to the floor.  Anyways, watching them trying to launch it next to a nice master craft, which he almost ran over and cut their bungy line was even more embarrassing.  My Hubby told him to anchor it like down the beach, away from us.  Just the smoke billowing out of the thing when it started, I just have to shake my head WHY?  Then had a good time people watching, it amazes me how many chicks put on these bikinis that they should not be wearing.  I know your young but I don't want to see the muffin top hanging over your bottoms, or you boobs falling out of your top, it's called a gym ladies, or a one piece for the love of god, dont make me wanna claw my eyes out at the beach, or make fun of you, cause you know making fun of people makes me feel bad....hahahaha.

So got home late heated up left over Olive Garden and went to bed.  It was a long ass day.  Tomorrow going to the Midnight showing of Eclipse.....cant wait, than off for the rest of the week.  YAY ME!

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