Monday, June 21, 2010

Moday's Suck!

The weekend went surprisingly well. I worked my shift, saw only 2 people I knew, Had some drinks which Strawberry Vodka and Lemonade is my new favorite drink, until I have a disaster with it like vodka cranberry. My Son was on his best behavior, due to the fact I threatened him for 3 days that he needed to be on his best behavior. All was good. I tried some yummy food, which my new favorite is green curry now. I am defiantly going to get some of that for lunch one day.....YYYYUUUMMMM.

My Husband came home at like 8:15 yesterday morning. It was a nice surprise. He was being really nice cause he actually missed me.  It was like 1 day really cause I sure didn't miss you.  But it's nice to be loved anyways.  I promptly sent him to the store to get some breakfast stuff and my Son and I made french toast for Fathers Day.  My Son was so cute, he is really getting into this whole cooking thing.  Saturday morning he made pancakes with me.

In an effort to save my clean dishes, we went out to dinner with my Mom last night too.  It was pretty good, then back home to the couch. 

Well Bipolar minion has managed to call in and say she was going to be late.  I am still filling in for the receptionist.  She is apparently allergic to miracle grow?  Did you like roll around in it?  Your suppose to spray your plants not yourself.  Whatever when I told menopausal minion this I could see her head quietly explode.  It's gonna be a great day I can feel it!

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