Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What do you get when......

You text your Husband to take the sausage out for dinner?  You can probably guess the answer. 
So after the funnies, I finally got him to actually cook it, and when we sat down to eat he takes a bite, (this is some new smoked chicken sausage he bought and wanted to try) and says hhhhhmmmm, it's pretty good but theres something familiar about it I cant put my finger on.  OK I said, so I took a bite, chewed, and said yes that familiar flavor would be any of the hillshire farms sausage products, they all taste the same.  Dumb ass.

Speaking of dumb asses, the step monster rolled up in his crap wagon, music blaring, I swear I'm surprised the whole neighborhood isn't deaf.  Then tells my Husband he and his friend are going to put the old exhaust back on his truck.  WHOA buddy wait just one minute.  We spent $300.00 getting that exhaust replaced for him for Christmas. And besides you + a welder = house burned to the ground.  Thank god he told him NO for a change.  And I think I want my money back fucko.

So after woofing down dinner I hit the gym.  Boy did it kick my ass.  I guess I shouldn't have skipped it last week.  My legs hurt this morning :(  Anyways I get in my car and there is a message from home so I play it.  It says you owe me twenty bucks.  Huh what?  Why do I owe him twenty bucks?  I get home, ask the burning question and here's the answer.  I guess when I left the front door didn't close all the way and I left the driveway gate open, because I was coming back in an hour, I guess the dog went for a little walk by herself.  Some little girls found her and called the house.....thank god she has tags.  He went to pick her up and gave the girls twenty bucks.  Here's why I owe him.  If I hadn't been so lazy after he took all that time to install the gate and closed it when I left, the dog wouldn't have gotten out, she would have just been in the front yard.  Then for the biggest guilt trip, my son says my dog almost ran away, of course with tears in his eyes.  HHHUUUHH OK point made and taken, my bad.

Well let's see what the rest of today brings, hopefully not much, cause I'm ready for the weekend.

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