Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last night

Got home and my Husband was putting the swamp cooler in the window.  He says for when it gets hot.  With the way things are going around here I think were safe for another month.  After eating my dinner in like 3 bites I finally made my way to the gym.  Nothing special happened until we made our way down to the treadmills.  I see one of the Attorneys I work for running on the treadmill.  No biggie, I do my best to avoid the uncomfortable out of office conversation (because really aside from work I really don't want to talk to most of these people)  Good thing he didn't notice me anyways.  So after about 15 minutes or so he jumps off and leaves.  OH NO! He is one of those people I HATE that doesn't wipe down the equipment after using it.  GROSS.  You just ran and sweated all over that thing, at least have the common courtesy to wipe your yuck off it.  I am now totally icked out whenever I see him now! 

So after I get home my Husband, Son, and Daughter are hanging out in the driveway with the music blaring.  Come on, I know we live in a white trash neighborhood, but lets not act like we are.  I asked, did you guys eat dinner, their like no, Hubby of the year forgot about it and gave the kids Popsicle's. do you forget dinner when it's sitting on the counter already made?  I guess that's what happens when you leave him in charge of feeding the kids.  And not to mention you BBQ the damn chicken.  So after everyone got fed, I put my son in the shower.  He got out, got dressed as usual, and came to the living room.  My Husband went to change his clothes and noticed there was a lake on the bathroom floor.  I guess my son though he would turn the shower into a bathtub by sitting on the drain and kind of over filled the basin.  So after cleaning up that mess, which I guess my floors needed to be cleaned anyways, this just forced me to do it. I hung the rugs outside to dry, it's noon and still not dry.

Second to last baseball game tonight.  YES almost over.  With as much as I like watching the games, I am kind of sick of going.  It's cute and all, but I'm over it.  I wonder what kind of ammo crackhead is going to supply me with for tomorrows ramblings?  We shall see.

On a great final note, I am so happy.  I was about to leave for lunch when the guy that steals my parking space from across the street comes rolling around the corner.  I looked at him and sat there in my car till he parked and got out so i could keep my space when I got back to work. HAHA ASS, you came to work a little to early today didntcha.

Oh yeah and on a suck note, lunch sucked I couldn't figure out what to eat for lunch so I just went home and made a sandwich, threw half of it away cause I didn't have cheese and thought putting shredded cheese on there would be OK, nope gross.  Then moved on to a bag of cheeseburger Doritos, ate half the bag, then some cake sounded good so had a piece of chocolate cake.  That wasn't enough so topped it off with some fruit.  I think I'm full now.

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