Tuesday, June 22, 2010

She's Baaaaacccckkk!

I got my Daughter back from her vacation last night.  Huh, I really missed her till she came home.  The fighting immediately started once the car doors opened and they got in.  I am dubbing her snotty, and my son will now be known as mouthy.  So snotty and mouthy resumed right were they left off 2 weeks ago.  The minute they get in the car it's shut up, no you shut up, no you, MOOOOOMMM tell him to shut up.  Why don't both of you shut the hell up before I drive my car off a cliff.  It doesn't stop when we get home.  The have to race each other to the front door because someones gotta be the first to open it.  Keep in mind it's locked and it's going to be me......hey stupids I have the key.

In addition to all the fighting in like the span of 20 minutes my husband comes home and decides to let me know we owe his company $400.00???  OK why?  The IDIOT book keeper hasn't been taking out his insurance money.  You know if we didn't have bad luck we wouldn't have any luck at all.  Hey assholes would you like me to pull it out of my ass?  Th money tree is bear SORRY!  And the Step Bastard calls to make things worse and says my truck is broke.  So he storms out and says I'll be back, gotta go deal with more bullshit.

So I had a small break down last night.  Everyone was finally quiet, in their own rooms, and I had about enough for one day.  When he decides to bring up the house.  Yes we are one of those stupid people who got the wrong loan at the peak of the housing market.  Jumped through hoops to refinance the first time only to get another arms loan, but this one was fixed for 7 years.  Over the next 4 years racked up all the credit cards twice. Trying to fix that at the moment! Anyways long story short I am 100 grand under water in my house.  And also keep in mind I did not buy out of my price range either, I bought the cheapest, smallest house I could find in the 2nd crappiest neighborhood.  Yes, it's not worth what I owe, but it's mine.  Anyways back to the original story, he thinks with the money we are paying to interest only mind you, we could go and rent a house 3 times the size and in a better neighborhood.  This is true I have looked in the paper, but it's not MINE!  I don't know what to do at the moment, I told him to call the bank and see if there was anything we could to just to get our loan to a fixed rate....something.  And his response was what if they say no, we have to have a plan cause in a year our mortgage payment goes up.  Well then I guess we live here for free until they boot us out, cause at that rate I'm not going to pay it and the bank can have another foreclosure to deal with.  After that fun conversation, mouthy realized he lost his DS games in the couch.  I started looking for them under the couch, smacked my head on the coffee table and just sat on the floor and cried.  Finally I got up after quietly sobbing to myself, and said I'm sick of that fucking thing and him losing the games, I don't give a fuck where they are....I'M DONE.  Got in bed and pouted. 

I'm ready for a vacation, not that I can afford to go anywhere, but my head hurts today, I don't want to deal with the minions crap, and oh trust me there will be loads of it.  I just need a break before I crack.

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  1. Aww, Jen....I hope it all works out. It's all just a shit economy, and unfortunately, like so many our age...Foreclosures have happened.. :( You can survive this, I know it! :) -Rob