Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Interesting Weekend!

Well Friday was CRAZY.  Got the kids to school for their last day, dropped off a movie to my Mom's, then went driving around town to the pet store for dog food (which was closed) then across town to buy a pass for camping, (which you don't get it at the place I went to).  So after driving for half an hour decided to forget it and go home and get some last minute stuff together before I had to go pick up my son.  Basically I threw a bunch of clothes in the trailer, hoping I didn't forget anything, then off to get my son.  So by that time the pet store was open and got the dog food, went to Jack in the Box for a quick breakfast, then back home to throw some more crap in the trailer.  About an hour later got my Daughter, picked up some pizzas and off we went.

So all was good at the lake, the weather was nice, my lounge chair was comfy and the kids were entertained in the water.  I realized this was to good to be true.  Saturday night my Husband and I went on a night cruise on the boat.  When we got back the outboard wouldn't come up on the boat......great now he was all pissy and it was to dark to figure out what was wrong.  Plus having a few drinks didn't help the situation.  I walked up to the camp fire where my Mom was watching the kids and noticed one of my chair looked like it caught on fire.  I was like WTF?  My Mom explained to me The step bastard and his Friends who made their own fire across the way got up left the chairs and the wind blew it into the fire........huh OK 2 problems so far, what next?  Sunday.  Problem # 3  Our beer cooler was stolen.  But on the bright side it was a bunch of idiot kids who left a trail of empty beers to their camp, so it wasn't hard to find them but the cooler was still missing.  My husband flagged down a ranger explained what happened and I guess we weren't the only ones cause the guy a couple trailers down got hit too.  After about 2 hours of reports they all got arrested HAHA.  But our cooler was still MIA.  One kid confessed that they sank it in the lake.  My Brother who came for the day a couple hours later was running his boat and said there is a cooler floating across the lake.  The guys jumped in the boat and ALAS the beer cooler was recovered, but fucked up so we had to toss it anyways. Sunday night everyone left, it was so nice and peaceful out we were the only ones on the beach.  My son decided to go to sleep at 7 so we enjoyed a fire and went to bed early.   We packed up yesterday and decided to take the boat for a spin before we left and when we got back the outboard started working again.....good thing cause couldn't tow it home like that.

So got home, unpacked everything showered, and decided to try and nap, because 3 days of sitting my ass on a chair really took a lot out of me.  And my son had a game and his party last night.  I swear trying to nap in my house is impossible.  My son being chatty kathy wouldn't SHUT UP, so whatever didn't get the nap got through the game and party where I had some SUCK ASS pizza that gave me the runs this morning :( and made it home by 9.

I tell ya it was a bitch getting up this morning and my Husband drove himself to work today, which means 2 hours of him talking my ear off the minute I wake up, (I know now where my Son gets it from).  He says to me god your a bitch in the morning.......DUH.....SHUT UP and DON'T TALK till I had my coffee.  I was glad to see him finally leave.  Work has been long so far, I really cant wait to go home today.  Oh well, at least it's only 4 days.

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