Monday, June 14, 2010

Crazy Weekend!

Well here is an update on Friday.  I finally went to pick his drunk ass up around 7:30.  I didn't realize he was that smashed and wished I would have just told him to stay there.  The whole ride home was an interrogation about how I don't love him.  OMG, it was a loooong ride home.  Then to top it off I stayed up till 11:30 just trying to get him to shut the hell up.

Saturday morning I did however put on the biggest guilt trip I could for what he did the night before.  He must have felt REALLY bad cause I got him to take me shopping in Reno and buy me clothes I didn't need.  HAHA, guilt is the best.  I even got him to spend more money than the gift card I had.  He didn't even complain, he said just get what you want.....YAY ME!  On the other hand I think my son is turning into a perv.  I was walking around the store and caught a glimpse of him starting to pull down the mannequin's top to look at her boobs.  I was like what are you doing?  SNAP the shirt went, he said nothing and walked away.  Boy I'm in trouble.

So later that afternoon we came home I took a nap then got ready to go back to Reno for a baseball game with my family.  The game was actually really exciting this time considering they lost horribly bad the last 2 games we went to.  They hit 2 home runs and won the game it was great and worth the 3rd trip to Reno in 2 days.

Sunday was quiet.  My mom and I took a walk to the park where they were having a festival.  Of course we took my Son who complained the whole time about when he was going to get to play at the playground.  So after we milled through the shops we let him play.  That lasted all of 5 minutes when he says I gotta go to the bathroom.  I'm like pee or poop, of course he said poop.  OK I am not a germ a phobe but with a bazillion people using that bathroom and we just live down the street from the park I figured he can make it home.  I even tried to call his dad to come get us but he wasn't answering the phone (I'll get to that in a bit why)  So we started making our way and he was running.  About half way home he was holding his cheeks, and I couldn't keep up so I said just look for cars when you cross just go HURRY.  Well he made it to 2 houses down when he yells I JUST POOPED, and ran inside.  It was not pretty, and had to put him in the shower, all while my Husband is gagging trying to get his clothes off.  Oh well he needed a shower that night anyways.  So the reason he didn't answer the phone is because he was at the store buying lobster tails and a rack of ribs for dinner, because I said it's nice out we should BBQ tonight.  I was thinking like chicken or something, not $70.00 worth of lobster tails and a rack of ribs.  DUDE, you just spent our grocery money on one meal and now we are out of toilet paper......wonderful!

This Morning I dropped my Son off to his first day of Summer camp.  I hope he likes it cause it cost an arm and a leg for the summer.  Update on that tomorrow.

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