Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Finally Friday!!!

I am so freaking happy today is Friday.  Went and got me some lunch, now just waiting to go home to eat and feed my Facebook gaming addiction.  Farmville here I come!

Got my ass motivated to go to the gym last night.  It's a good thing to, because I blew it out my ass with pizza and bagels smothered in real cream cheese....hey I'm on vacation, but gained like 6 pounds in 5 days due to all the carbs.  Oh well, at least my pants still fit.

My Husband, decided to shave his goatee off last night.  I really think that was a mistake.  I didn't realize how FAT and ROUND his face was.  Good thing it grows back quick, or I might not want to be seen in public with him.

Well going to our monthly baseball game tomorrow.  My son has his horn all ready to go.  Thank god the novelty has worn off, cause I was about to trash the damn thing.  I am one of those people who get really annoyed when kids are constantly blowing those things at the game, but think it's funny to see other people get irritated when my kid does it.  We are trying the Mexican restaurant across the street from the park.  Oh goodie more carbs and lard, that ought to do wonders for my ass.

I think bipolar minion is lost today.  She is trying to talk to me more than usual.  I'm really not into it right now.  Like just a minute ago she's standing behind me while I'm clearly busy, took a picture off my pile of crap I'm working on and is like oooohhh is this Vegas?  Yeah now run along your bugging me.  Go find some actual work to do.  Menopausal minion is actually in a great mood today.  She's talked to me and everything?  She informed me this morning that she will need a 2 hour lunch on Tuesday due to a "Lunch Date"  then quickly says it's not a job interview or anything.  I'm like I really don't care if it was, but I'm hoping it's an actual date date with a guy cause you need to get laid already.  Maybe that would help with the mood swings.  Well here's to hoping!

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