Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's my Friday, I know your jealous!

My vacation is finally here.  Oh sweet lord, I have been waiting all month for this!

So we are going camping.  Don't know how we pulled it out of our ass but we did.  I'm sure I'll be paying for it in the next couple of weeks.  Got all the shopping done last night (NIGHTMARE) I HATE shopping with the kid and hubby.  First, he didn't get home till 6:30, second, he wasn't in the greatest mood, third, we didn't get home till 8:30.  Dragging him and the boy around the store sucks balls.  I go in with a list, coupons, and I am a grab and go shopper.  Not him, he must inspect every fucking price, nutrition label, ect...  It's like shopping with my grandma, slow moving.  So about half way through the store we are both pissed at each other, chucking shit in the cart just trying to get the hell out of the store.  It was kinda funny though when we were checking out, before I gave the card my discount club card, and coupons,  it was like $300.00, I heard him start huffing and his head starting to silently explode at the price.  The guy finally took my card and coupons and brought it down to $165.00.  He was like OMG, I was gonna have a heart attack.  That would have been AWESOME, life insurance money here I come!  And to boot it was double coupon day...YAY me!

I am so excited that the Eclipse movie is coming out tonight.  I will be at the midnight showing....YAY cant wait.  We are all meeting for Mexican food before we go.  Last time we did this some of the group had one to many margaritas, the even got one in a to go cup and hid it in a rather large purse.  They were all drinking it while it was still in the purse, it was funny...aahhh good times.  I really don't know how the hell they stayed awake through 2 movies.  Hell coming from the chick who's in bed by 9 every night, I will be struggling myself, add booze to me and I will be passed out in an hour. 

Well my son may or may not make it to camp tomorrow, depending on if I get my ass out of bed in time.  I am hoping will.  That way I can get some last minute things done before we leave tomorrow night.  I will be out at the lake, just me, the boy and the dog.  A whole day by myself......nice!  I decided to leave snotty with her Dad all weekend.  She is only good for about 2 days at the lake, then gets all pissy, so since I'll be out there for 6 days I thought it best she stay in town.  On a normal weekend I would take here, but for my sanity, she's staying home.  Besides I think he needs a dose of what being a full time parent means, not just a weekend Dad.

Well thats it for now, have a great day everyone!

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